The story continues…

The Kingdom is in a serious state. The ruler, Lady Pam, admits there is a shortage of paddles but can’t say how big the creek is.

A knight in shining armour, bold Lord Musgrave of Wynyard, rides into the Kingdom and offers to help. Unfortunately the bold knight is unable to do so as nobody can tell him how many paddles will be required.

Lord Darwin of Seaton offers to help because he knows a bit about paddles, but nobody is interested as they’ve been conned by crooks before.

Then the Viking Daniel of Östersunds expresses a bit of interest in getting
involved. A bit, but not a lot.

The ordinary people of The Kingdom collect money to assist in different ways. Some help Lady Pam to pay her servants and to keep The Wolf of Tax from the door, and some concentrate on planning for a future after she has inevitably  failed to do so.

All the while the Kingdom’s brave soldiers are having a torrid time on the field of battle, being unable to bring in reinforcements ...or many points. All the while their commander, General Craig, Son of Harris, talks a good fight and says “er” a lot. Several of his soldiers defect to join other armies, further depleting his forces.

Lord Ken of Gallowgate End offers his advice to anyone who wants it, but there doesn't appear to be anyone around who could take him up on his offer.

Stelling, Lord of the Sky, makes a surprise appearance to show solidarity with the troops at one of their few battles that don't end in defeat.

The people of the Kingdom all want to help, but don’t really know what to do for the best. So they continue collecting funds for something or other, moan about not knowing much about what's really happening, and argue among themselves.

Can a saviour be found? 
Will the Kingdom sink into the sea without trace?
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