Big Day, Bad Result

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 0 Wrexham 2  (National League)
Saturday January 20th 2018
Victoria Park

Billed as the “SAVE POOLS GAME” this one had to be a bit special. Appeals over the week on the internet and anywhere else you cared to look there was a plea from the club to fill the ground and help save our football club.

I was always a bit sceptical of claims like this as it usually means that the club is in s**t street and already goosed. Once again we wait in vain for a multi-millionaire to come to the rescue and keep this club rolling along. Some nay-sayers claiming it is a bottomless pit and should be left to die – all a bit harsh for your never say die Poolies.

Jeff Stelling promised to put up some of his own cash if a credible sponsor could be found. I ask the question, how the hell did we get in to this position? IOR supposedly left us debt free and left the club in the hands of a capable investment company. Now I always had the silly notion that investment companies invested to make money, so if it is true that we are in the red to one and a half million pounds, then investment companies can’t be all they are cracked up to be.

Rumour has it that a local man, Mr. Musgrave, is looking to take over the reins of HUFC. Well if he can do the job that Mr. Hornsey did then we welcome him and I am sure the fans will support him. Not sure how the new Fans’ Trust will fit in with these plans but I suppose it could be a fall back position but I’d be even more sceptical if a new owner went for a “fan on the board”.
"We were just not at the races today"

All kinds of schemes were mooted in raising cash to keep the club from going into liquidation, and almost to a man the idea of fans raising money and handing it over to the current owners was a big no no. One young lady started a “ just giving page” on the internet and it took off like a rocket with fans, ex-players etc. all donating money and fans talking of not using their season tickets and buying a ticket for the game. The current figure on the Just Giving site is £69,000 which is fantastic, and earned the girl a seat in the directors box for today’s game.

Tickets sold out by Thursday yet I got a call from an old customer of mine asking if it was possible to get two tickets for his son and grandson who were travelling down from Scotland and hoped to see the game. I did say I would try and sent out a couple of appeals and through my daughter got a couple of replies of single tickets but they were in opposite sides of the ground. I had given up hope and as I went to the club Saturday morning to pick up a couple of copies of the rather special programme for the game with a young Dave Carless using his magnificent talent to produce a cover worthy of the cause.

As I picked up the programmes Katy on the desk told me she had answered my daughter’s appeal on the internet for tickets and as she had had some tickets returned late on Friday she managed to keep me a couple. So well done Katy in the ticket office you made a couple of Poolie Scots very happy.
Lots of Borer fans were searching for the programme before the game and I am sure there will be a reprint as fans look for the keepsake souvenir.  Boro fans were shaking buckets for our cause and lots of fans were donating too.

One of the most unusual schemes I saw today was the Name the Monkey challenge – two lady Hartlepool supporters toured the terrace carrying a monkey and a name board. For £2.00 per shot you could win this magnificent simian specimen, His name turned out to be NERO. More Italian than French.

The game was rubbish. We looked like a bunch of strangers and I can understand we were two players down in Franks and Watson but we looked so slow against a decent side. The Ditchburn thinks this is the best visiting team we have seen all season. Donnelly hit the bar, and shortly after Blair Adams turned and lost the ball and they ran down and scored, the lively Quigley being one on one with Loach when he broke free and slotted an easy ball past the keeper.

We were just not at the races today as we lost the ball too easily; not one of our players seemed able to take a man on and come away with the ball. We looked like we were finally putting a bit of pressure on them then once again they broke free and Quigley again was in for the kill. He will never score an easier brace than he did today.