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Bad news keeps coming

Well, Pools may have survived January with a few twists and turns on the way but the situation looks grave. Just before we went to press it was revealed that HMRC was owed £48,000 and had issued another winding-up petition. The Hartlepool Mail is suggesting that the owners, despite any signs of anyone else wanting to take on the club as a going concern, are still hoping to see out the season, so who knows what to think?

Transfer deadline day lost us not only Nicky Deverdics and Jack Blackford, but also a much-needed windfall when Trevor Carson's big-money transfer to Celtic fell through, taking our 40% sell-on fee with it, But at least Pools got a fee in exchange for one of the season's better performers and two more wages have been cut from the outgoings.

Leaving aside the finances, relegation is now almost guaranteed since Pools, having lost most of their better players since Christmas, must now have the worst squad in the division, with no chance of adding to it. I've even begun feeling sorry for Craig Harrison; what can any manager do in his situation?

I would think the only thing the club could try in the circumstances would be to put Craig on gardening leave, because something needs to change, and quickly. Whether or not they give Batesy the job again isn't really the issue. It just needs someone, anyone, who isn't Craig Harrison, to be in charge. Dismal runs like this can only ever be ended by a managerial change. Probably, like last season, a forlorn hope of an idea anyway, but with no sign of a fairy-tale ending that's probably the only option left.

The other Monky Legend

Running Monkey sent us this link to an excellent interview with a Pools legend from those heady IOR years:

...And finally

Someone sent us a list of historical uses of the f-word.

This one is typical:
"What the f*** do you mean, we’re sinking?"
~ Capt. E.J. Smith of RMS Titanic, 1912.

We imagined a very recent one:
"It's a f****** bottomless pit!"
~ Chris Musgrave, 2018.