Troubled Times


Indifferent performances, a club up for sale and an injury list as long as a wet weekend in Darlington. These are the three elements that face Pools as the New Year gets under way.

On the field, I suppose we could bumble through but it's off the field that raises concern. If the club does run out of money then the ultimate nightmare would be administration and a subsequent deduction of points. So a season that started with optimism would see us staring relegation in the face.

The fans have not been slow to express their concerns. Social Media now makes it easier to fans to vent their feelings and it has led the Northern Echo’s Nick Loughlin to say the following : ‘The club’s support is somewhat fractured with various parties squabbling like kids in a playground’. Sorry, but I can’t agree.
"In terms of Pools being taken over, I have to be pessimistic."

Facebook, and in particular, the Hartlepool United Supporters Group, has shown just how much Poolies care about the club and there are bound to be disagreements on the plight of the club they love. Gone are the days when supporters used to write to the local paper about their club – but how often do you see letters in the Hartlepool Mail? No, they don’t do that any more – they go on social media.

I’m a member of the Hartlepool United Supporters Group. I make comments from time to time but prefer to read the opinions (sometimes with bad language and a reference to Harrison’s girth!) What Nick Laughlin needs to realise is that newspapers are old hat; their circulations are falling as people get their information from other sources. I would suspect that there are more members in the Hartlepool United Supporters Group than there are Northern Echo readers in Hartlepool. Newspapers might have had influence at one time but no more.

When browsing on the internet, I came upon a Daily Telegraph website entitled The Least Trusted Professions (date unknown). It said that journalists are trusted by 7 per cent of people. As they say, don’t believe what you read in the papers.

In terms of Pools being taken over, I have to be pessimistic. Local money men are thin on the ground and one of the few times that Pools enjoyed stability was when IOR were at the helm. Sadly, the oil industry went belly up and IOR weren’t making the profits to invest in Pools. Whilst we had a chairman who was away from Hartlepool on business, we still ran a tight ship with Russ Green at the helm. Sadly, those days are gone and we must look to the future with uncertainty. I hope I’m wrong.