Pools Fall Apart

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 1 Macclesfield 2 (National League)
Saturday Dec 2 2018
Victoria Park

This is another blast from the past as Pools host Macclesfield Town. 

I always dread this fixture for one reason, Danny Whitaker. I think every time we have played Macclesfield he has been in the side and for what seems like the last forty years he has tortured the bloodly life out of us. How the hell he keeps it up is a mystery to me. This is one class player who obviously looks after himself and is very adept at getting goals or setting them up against us. I love and hate him at the same time. Love his mobility and his guile but it looks as if he will be playing for another forty years. I have to say today he had a good game against us and even at a slower pace he was head and shoulders above the rest of the players on show in his dedication to the game.

With Featherstone out with a broken leg and George out with a a “sick note” (allegedly), Pools had to make changes. Then on the way over the wireless said that Rhys Oates had injured himself in the warm up -- but he was ok and had a good game despite being double marked throughout the game, and both Magnay and Munns were able to start.

The game started brisk enough and and the visitors had a bad miss on one and a half minutes when they should have scored from a corner but shot wide of the mark in the goalmouth scramble. Both teams seemed to have the same problem of holding onto the ball long enough to make an effort on goal.

Pools settled first and took the game to the opposition, playing some good football but lacking the killer instinct. We were shooting but the teams were cancelling each other out,
"In the last five minutes it all fell apart for Pools as the visitors sensed the chance of getting something from the game"

Pools then started to dominate the game, which was surprising to me looking at our recent history and the fact that the visitors were sitting in third place in the table. There was a good move down the right by Cassidy and Munns, and  initially I thought Woods had blown the chance as he side stepped and looked as if he had lost the ball, but he then nicked it back, looked as if he had overrun the ball, then turned and hit it into the bottom corner to give Pools a much deserved lead.

Despite both teams having chances there was no real threat on either goal and Pools went in at half time a goal to the good. Pools looked like they had gained a very tough three points in a tough second half with both teams having chances and both defending very well.

In my book it was sod's law that Macclesfield would get an equalizer, especially considering the way we were playing late in the game, Usually Harrison would freshen up the side on the hour mark and all the subs were warming up yet there was no sign of a change though it was obvious that Magnay and Munns were flagging.

In the last five minutes it all fell apart for Pools as the visitors sensed the chance of getting something from the game as we were giving away silly free kicks and an equalizer was slid in. Then Harrison once again got involved and took another booking and from the free kick Macc scored the winner.

Once the game was gone, angry fans were criticising the manager for his late substitutions and chants of "Harrison out" rang around the ground once again.

As I write this at 11 minutes past seven the reporters are still waiting for Harrison after the players were locked in for a long spell after the game.