In the Bleak Midwinter


SIX games without a win as at the start of the season, 15th in the league fifth tier and the club still potless and up for sale, things have hardly been as bad as this at Victoria Park. 

Surprisingly at the time of writing Craig Harrison is still in charge although he has done nothing to retain his position. It appears the lack of money at the club means Sage Investments are unable to pay up his contract if they sack him and it appears dubious that the players will even get paid this month.

It appears that quite a few will be leaving this month through the shortage of cash and this might not be a bad thing given some of the dross Harrison has brought to the club. It is very unlikely that any leaving will bring in a transfer fee as we will be lucky to give them away. I would say Scott Loach, Liam Donnelly and Connor Simpson are the only ones we would get any money from but given our attitude in the transfer market they will be sold on for peanuts. And any money made will go to the outgoing owners.

"we are hardly an attractive acquisition"
There appears very little likelihood of anyone coming along to buy the club. Given the fact we don't even own our ground, have huge debts and no assets apart from a bunch of losers on the football field, we are hardly an attractive acquisition. There is talk on one of the club's message boards of a Trust for the fans to take over the running of the club. But reading some of the postings on there it would appear that most of the guys on there should be in a mental institution rather than running a football club.

The serious position the club finds itself in is by far the worst I can remember in all my time as a Pools supporter. The team is probably the worst I have had the misfortune to watch and the crowds are beginning to dwindle and it will get a lot worse before it gets better. The club have started with the clearout by releasing James Thorne whose signing was as much use as a chocolate fireguard. As a replacement for Padraig Amond it definitely did not work.

Scott Harrison looks to be on his bike and whoever thought of giving him a new contract last summer deserves shooting. I think most of Harrison's signings could be released without being missed with the exception of Keith Watson. It is only his injury problems that make him play for Pools and not at a much higher level.

This window looks the perfect opportunity to offload Xavi Featherfanny and my offer still stands to drive him to his next club free of charge. As far away from Pools as possible hopefully. Torquay or Weston-super-Mare sounds good to me.

Connor Simpson has had little game time in our latest barren spell while he looks the ideal partner upfront alongside Jake Cassidy. Two reasons for this, Harrison is too conservative to have two strikers up front and the second is that the club don't want him getting injured before they sell him this month. While it looks certain he will going let us hope it is for a realistic price with add-ons for when he plays a certain number of league games, when he plays in the Premier League and when he has scored a certain amount of goals. No more deals like the Jack Baldwin one grabbing the first offer that came in and no replacement signed.

Now to the serious business in hand of getting our first win of the year at Dagenham tomorrow. While we live in hope I think we might have to wait a while longer for a three-pointer.