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Can it get any worse off the field for Pools?

January should be a time when we think ahead - chuck out old calendars and diaries and look towards the days getting longer, daffodils appearing and the distant prospect of summer holidays. But not for us Poolies.

Like last year, the football spending spree that is the January Transfer Window will for us actually be more like a one-way mirror, with all the activity going one way. But unlike last year the closing of the window could also be the end of Pools unless someone steps in fast to keep them going after Sage Investments pull the plug.

We Poolies have had a few dire times but this looks to be the direst so far, both on and off the field. Good luck to everyone who's fighting hard to keep Pools going. The picture may look bleak but all we can do is try to do whatever we can towards our common purpose - still having a football club to support.

The Supporters Trust has a plan in place for if the worst should come to the worst, and there are rumours that 6 potential new investors have come forward so far. However, the owners will have a different agenda to us long-suffering Poolies, and if they've given up on Pools ever being profitable (what took them so long?) and are trying to simply get as much of their investment back as possible, then whatever we think won't matter one jot.

So no doubt it's going to be a rough ride over the next few weeks and months.

Can it get any worse on the field for Pools?

I know it's difficult to run a football team with a poor squad of players, no money to bring in new ones and with each game being a cup final for the opposition, but surely the manager must realise by now that he is part of the reason Pools are making no impression whatever on this very poor quality league.

The manager persists in fielding players who are guaranteed to give away a goal per match. An untried junior player would be no worse, yet might actually prove to be a revelation.

And as for his substitutions, they tend to be a bit weird. I was listening to the Macclesfield match on BBC Tees and Eddie Kyle pointed out that Pools were bringing on two subs, obviously to replace two players who had run out of steam. Yet Harrison inexplicably kept the two on for another ten minutes, putting pressure on the rest of the team to cover for them, and perhaps contributing to the late goals which lost Pools a match they had been winning. Then, too late, he brings on the subs in added time.

Still, it can't be good for morale at the club with what's going on off the field, with the possibility looming of not being paid or even redundancy. And for those with a chance of going up a division, there's the added pressure of getting a transfer before the window closes in three weeks.

...And finally

In these difficult times it seems that nothing will stop Poolies from getting into fancy dress.