Rabble Rousers


ONE step forward and two steps back. Different league but same old Pools. After beating a Halifax team that was one of the worst I have had the misfortune to watch over the past 20 years and boosting our goal difference by four we go to a bunch of part-timers at Ebbsfleet and lose three of those goals within a couple of days. 

Now we are nearly halfway through the season it is time to have a look and see how Craig Harrison is doing. 13th in the league with one of the biggest staffs and budgets in the division does not make good reading. Obviously he needs to shape up or ship out as he ain't going to win six league titles with this club.

Whether he will get us into the play-offs is open to question. And why would he when it seems he still does not know his best team or formation. Take last Saturday when he has Michael Ledger, Luke George and Lewis Hawkins on the bench while preferring last season's perennial losers like Scott Harrison and Xavi Featherfanny. And yet he still doesn't understand why the goals are raining in on us.
"While we may scramble a play-off place, given the standard of the division that should be a given with our set-up "

We have creative players like Jack Munns and Tomi Odeloye who are liable to get twenty minutes game time if we are losing yet his favourites seem immovable. I would like to know what Matthew Bates is contributing to the club. Just because he still has a players' contract and is not up to it that is no reason to give him a job as a coach for which he has no experience. He was the biggest Sick Note at the club last season yet drops in for a cushy number. I would suggest it is someone to coach the forwards and hopefully to get more goals is what we need. I am sure Joe Allon would be more than happy to take this job on.

There isn't a decent team in this league and if we had appointed a manager with experience and knowledge of the league we would have been top three by now and pushing for automatic promotion. While we may scramble a play-off place, given the standard of the division that should be a given with our set-up compared to the jumpers-for-goalposts outfits we are fighting it out with. While we are getting gates of 3,000+ some of our rivals struggle to reach 1,000 yet still give us a dicking.

We can lose in League One and League Two and take it but now we are in what I will always call the Conference and getting humped at home to teams like Dover and Aldershot is really the thin end of the wedge. I see our beloved ex-owner and chairman has gone bankrupt for a second time with no sign of the money that went missing from Pools. A fit and proper person to run a football club according to our friends at the Football League. But what would they know. They thought the previous incumbents TMH were up for it and the two shysters are now doing time at Her Majesty's pleasure. I will say one thing for Ken Hodcroft, someone so prudent and taking so long to make a managerial decision, he can pick out a dodgy potential buyer when he sees one.