Jon Buys a Trophy

Another Janice and Jon story from SHEDRICK

Janice was waiting for the new vicar. The church had appointed a woman priest and she was calling round for afternoon tea and cucumber sandwiches.

Jon was getting ready to walk into town to buy two trophies for the Pools Social Club. He watched all the competitions and although he wasn’t in the darts team they let him chalk up the scores. See the sticking plasters on Jon’s head.

Jon had won the Supporter of the Year award, but being a Pools supporter, didn’t know much about trophies. Janice said not to worry as the lady in the shop would help him choose the right ones. Jon put on his coat quickly, he was scared he might bump into the new vicar, she had already admonished him at church last Sunday when he called her “father”.

John peered through the window of the Trophy and Engraving Shop and then tried to go in quietly without the door-bell ringing.

“Ding, clang, dong, clang”

“Hello Jon, come in.”

“Er hello Mrs., er”

“Call me Wendy, how can I help you?”

“I want to buy two trophies for the Pools Social Club competitions” said Jon, “I’ve won one and the other is for the Darts competition.”

Wendy said she was sure she could help him as she knew all about cups.

“But I don’t know what size to get” said Jon.

Wendy took him to the back of the shop.

“I have two big trophies here, beautifully engraved, try them for size” she said, handing them to him.

Jon nearly dropped them, “My, they are heavy, but I’m sure the darts players would be happy with them, they like them big as they all have huge hands” said Jon.

“Good”, said Wendy “I’ll keep one back to engrave your name on, and it will be ready for you to collect this time next week.”

Jon handed her the money and went home the long way round to avoid bumping into the lady vicar.

“Hello I’m home” shouted Jon. Janice was just walking to the door with the new vicar. “Hello Jon” said the vicar “And where have you been?”

“I’ve been to get something to take to the Pools’ Social Club. The nice lady in the shop got out her two huge trophies which she was very proud of, and asked me to hold them. She said she was sure that the whole club would like to get their hands on them, and if I came back next week there will be one with my name on it.”

Janice still had half a cucumber left. Jon ran up the stairs as quickly as he could, but wasn’t quite quick enough.