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So frustrating

As several contributors are saying elsewhere in this edition, this season is turning out to be as frustrating as the last one, with similar financial pressures preventing the acquisition of desperately-needed new players, and a lot of tedious football being churned out. Pools' current mid-table position is mainly due to the two 'L's, Loach and Luck. Loach saved us points and Luck gained us points. Without either we'd be really struggling, but we need more than that to have a realistic chance of  the playoffs.

Former owners

The final outcome of the trial of the fraudsters who took over Pools at the end of 2014 was that Stephen Murrall got 8 years and his accomplice Peter Harris got two and a half years. While their crimes didn't have much visible impact on Pools as a League Two club, they ended up doing time (and rightly so).

Gary Coxall, their successor in the boardroom, whose tenure was pretty disastrous for Pools, has become bankrupt (again) and thus will be free to take on  company directorships again within a year, ironically around the time Peter Harris (who may have been more naive than anything else) gets a chance of early release.

And finally...

We'd like to pass on seasonal best wishes to all Monkey Business readers and contributors, and hope that you all (and Pools) have a good time.