The Wadsworth Syndrome Returns

This and that from GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY

Remember when Mick Wadsworth was manager of Pools? He did a good job but fell on his sword when we couldn’t win home games. 

No problem on the road but at The Vic it became so frustrating. Not quite as bad at the moment but we are picking up more points away from home:
Home : Played 9 Won 3 Drawn 3 Lost 3 Goals for 9 Goals against 9
Away: Played 9 Won 4 Drawn 3 Lost 2 Goals for 10 Goals against 8

At home, the problem seems to be twofold: we’re giving teams too much space to mount attacks and not putting enough pressure on them in the final third. To some extent, the latter problem may be solved and Nicky Deverdics needs to keep the forward position he played in against Torquay. Against Sutton, we held a fortunate lead until added time and our goal had some quality about it. Devante Rodney put in a powerful shot which the keeper couldn’t hold and Rhys Oates was in the right place at the right time.
"Wonder if there will be more Poolies at Morecambe than home supporters?"

Getting Jonathan Franks was certainly a masterstroke and he possibly needs to play in a more central position than on the flanks. Still, you could say that to be quite FRANK(S), we are starting to sow the wild OATES! What is worrying, of course, are the number of injuries and it seems that Carl Magnay will be out until next year. Let’s hope we don’t get too many more.

At least, the FA Cup gives us a break from the league and may enable experiments to be made. Still, winning against Morecambe may lay the foundations for a reasonable cup run. Wonder if there will be more Poolies at Morecambe than home supporters?

At the risk of revealing my identity, I had the very pleasant task of taking some memorabilia down to Sheffield last month for ex-Poolie, Darren Knowles. Strange state of affairs – Darren lives in Sheffield and came to work in Hartlepool whilst I live in Hartlepool and went to work in Sheffield. Darren, of course, joined the club when things were starting to look good for Pools – a shame he wasn’t here for the glory days. He was able to see how Pools had progressed in 2005 by being at Cardiff for the play-off final. Seems he left footy altogether as he’s now working in the steel industry in Sheffield.

Two developments overall. Its sure been a bad time for foreign managers. Rangers, Crystal Palace and Everton have all dispensed with overseas born bosses and I fully expect more will be to follow. Still, the good news was the winning of the under 17 World Cup by England. Let’s nurture the talent. At least, when I watch Pools I can pronounce the players’ names!!