Fat Chance of a Win

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 1 Sutton United 1 (National League)
Saturday October 28th 2017
Victoria Park

This was a great chance to reach the play off places for Pools, but every one of the teams in this division see us as a big scalp, the big boys from the football league, and it must raise their game a little.

The gods were against us today as most of them were dressed in black. One in particular should have worn a yellow shirt as I have never seen such a biased display by an official. I would not be surprised if I read in the “GREEN ;UN that he came on as a sub and scored the equalizer, as he gave them plenty of time and opportunity. OK, we all say that when we feel we have been robbed of a point but today;s official was criminal in his duties to the game of football and fair play. I wrote in my notes R P U P A nine times in the first half alone, which stands for ref pulls up Pools again.

It was a bright start with Pools winning the toss and kicking left to right along the slope, seeing as the end-to-end slope was ironed out during the closed season.
The return of the showboat Walton to the Vic was a damp squib and no goal from him like the last visit he made with whoever he was with. I have to say Showboat Walton is twice the man he used to be, no I will tell the truth, he is fat with a capital “F”. He is still inconsistent, dropping in and out of the game. He performed his glory cross field pass a couple times to little effect before he was yanked just after the break. Still wearing the shan tan though.

One sad moment in the game was as the ref stopped Rodney for another supposed foul, Shan Tan was seen pointing out to the ref that he had made similar fouls earlier in the game, pointing his finger to different areas of the field and like a good little boy the ref pulled out his book on Rodney. Showboat has always been a S( )!±.

The game started quite quick with Pools on the front foot and a confident Franks tried an early shot but was wide of the mark, but at least he has the confidence now to have a go. There was a RPUPA when the ref pulled up Rodney who was on a charge and was tackled but the free kick was given the other way. Pools are more confident going forward with Rodney, Oates and Franks all playing at a better level than the start of the season and we looked dangerous. One little aside is that we missed the drive of Featherstone today.

Their keeper has to be one of the smallest in the league and looked suspect at times and we should have punished that. More difficult than that was to get past the Sutton tabbies - half of their team out there today would have out-weighed our whole team. Some fat players can play football, especially the old hands who, have come down the leagues and they had at least five out there today who, despite their weight, used the ball well enough.
"Pools paid the penalty of not being alert enough to clear their box"

Loach made a class save from close range as the visitors threatened from a free kick after another RPUPA. A round of applause in memory of Michael Maidens rang round the ground on twenty-five minutes which the visitors’ fans joined in, which would have been a nice gesture for the visit to the Vic of his parents. 

Magnay returned today after a miracle cure, as the wireless said yesterday that he was out and about to have an operation, Magnay has been a good leader and has been playing well but I just hope he is not carrying an injury while playing because he slowed visibly after putting in a great shift, but it had been a tough game today.

Pools got the goal they deserved after a ball in from out wide. Rodney picked it up and struck a low shot that was blocked and Oates slipped in to slot the ball home just before half time. The second half saw the visitors take up the challenge and pressed us back for long spells, which is where our weakness in the middle of the park was exposed.

Pools on the break almost scored a second as Franks robbed a defender and went for the by line. His shot was pushed away by their keeper and Rodney was able to get a shot off but he was just too far past the post to turn the ball in for a second goal.

Pools were living on their nerves as the visitors pushed us back looking for an equalizer. After a few more RPUPA incidents they had a good chance with a free kick in the middle of the park just outside the box but again Loach came to the rescue with a great save,

Woods Oates and Rodney were all subbed during the half. It was a good move for Rodney as he seemed to be a target of the ref and was booked for a fifty-fifty challenge that in any other game or if the visitors had made it, it would have gone unnoticed. The ref had lost the plot by this time and was making a mockery of the rules of the game.

As their keeper was about to take a goal kick he walked off the pitch for a discussion with the Sutton management team, Their keeper, who had not noticed this and without hearing a signal or whistle from the official, took the free kick and the game was going on while he was still in discussion. The upshot of all this confusion was that the Sutton officials had complained to the fourth official about a comment from the Pools boss. I suppose we will never find out what that was all about.

Connor Simpson came on and was spoken to by the ref in his first challenge which was a farce. One of the little Sutton fatties tried to out-jump Simpson and was shielded away, which was enough for another RPUPA moment and they were becoming monotonous.

Simpson rose well to meet a great cross from Adams but was just wide of the mark. Three points were on the cards for Pools after a really tough fight. And that was just with the ref, He had the last laugh after a collision between George and Coombes of Sutton where there was no intent as their legs tangled in a nothing tackle. The latter was carried off with what looked like a broken ankle.
This allowed the official to carry the game on for nine minutes and after a long break in the game Pools paid the penalty of not being alert enough to clear their box and the game finished one-all, which saw the Sutton management celebrating jubilantly on the pitch as the goal went in.

Two points lost despite it being a tough game. We now battle for every point but still have slip ups to gift them a point. I lost count of the number of RPUPA incidents and the bookings but what does it matter when officials like this get away with being useless.