Churlish to Complain

WAGGA MOON is pleased, but...

One defeat in 13 games is like taking us back to the Danny Wilson days but the football on display is a world away. It may be churlish to complain when we are not getting beat every week as we have been used to but this is the National League and the standard ain't good.

After our shocking start to the campaign our manager has taken the attitude that we will not get beat. Unfortunately this negative system sees us getting home draws instead of victories. While one up front away from home seems to be doing the trick the same system at home is not only unnecessary but is stinking The Vic out.

After bringing in two new strikers the fans are still waiting to get a proper look at them due to injuries. When they are both ready and Jake Cassidy is fit again there should be something to look forward to and no excuse for a negative line-up so lets hope Craig Harrison really goes for it with all the firepower he will have at his disposal.

We really have nothing to fear in this league and should be taking the game to some of these part-timers. Now that we have Luke George and Nicky Deverdics in midfield it should make a big difference to the area which up until now consisted of last season's failures, Featherstone, Hawkins and Woods doing not a lot to influence games.
"Unfortunately this negative system sees us getting home draws instead of victories."

I am trying my best to like Craig Harrison but while he keeps playing Featherlite I find it increasingly difficult. What exactly does he bring to the party? He can't run, can't tackle and can pass - sideways or backwards. Liam Donnelly is a far better bet and if Carl Magnay is out with a hernia, Kenton Richardson is a more than adequate replacement. He played very well last season in a piss-poor team.

It is sad to hear some of the local half-wits getting on Connor Simpson's back. The young man has a bright future in the game if he is handled correctly. And that does not mean playing him up top against two big centre backs kicking lumps out of him. He needs a big striking partner and some proper service from the wings or full backs. What was interesting at Torquay late on was that Scott Harrison was sent on up front and we could do a lot worse than him. When Ronnie Moore was in charge he said Scott had the best shot on him of everyone at the club. And he can certainly put himself about a bit, a little too much sometimes. As long as he is not put back in the centre of defence.

It is really unfortunate Keith Watson got injured just when he was really looking the part at the heart of our defence. What does seem strange is that he is staying with us while he is injured and not returning to his parent club. It is unclear who is paying his wages while he recovers but it would be odd if Pools were and he is not our player.

So halfway place in the league table, in touch with the play-off positions, and in striking distance of Dover who did not look a top team when I saw them at the Vic on the first day of the season. With a fully fit squad we are surely capable of overhauling those in front of us. Well, come November and it is FA Cup time again and Morecambe away is not the worst draw we could have had - an eminently winnable game and £18k in the pocket if we do so. Nothing to worry about as I always regard Morecambe as a Non-League side, having their little bit of fame the EFL. On loan from the Conference, as they used to say.