Got Change Out of a Fiver?

WAGGA MOON looks at the change in Pools

After a good start to the month we came back to earth with a home defeat to a poor Eastleigh side while we were missing our two centre backs. Keith Watson and Michael Ledger showed us what we were missing in central defence and were a vast improvement on Scott Harrison and Louis Laing. But with injuries to the two former players we may be stuck with the deadly duo along with Nicholas Featherlite who is still keeping the position warm for Luke George.

When we will ever see this guy in action is anyone's guess but it says a lot for Criag Harrison's summer signings. Apart from George we have Blair Adams, Conor Newton, and Jake Cassidy which is roughly half of his summer signings who appear to be injury prone. Indeed on closer inspection their previous injury records make for miserable reading.

After selling our top scorer Padraig Amond and losing Cassidy to injury Harrison waited for three weeks before bringing in a free agent, James Thorne, to play up front. First impressions of this guy look promising, him being a big powerful striker, someone who we have needed up front for a long time.

It is looking more and more obvious that Rhys Oates is not the answer up front -- speedy but too lightweight, whereas Devante Rodney on the other hand could make a good partner for Thorne. Quick and not afraid to put himself about he is definitely worth persevering with.
"We certainly have nothing to fear in this league"

The standard of this league is very poor and we really should be top three at the present time and pushing for the top spot. Why we aren't is down to some really negative tactics, especially at home. We certainly have nothing to fear in this league and we should be going at these teams with all guns blazing.

What is going on at the time of writing is the trial of the two businessmen who first tried to buy Pools. Obviously as the case is sub-judice we can't say much about it apart from the snippet that Ken Hodcroft offered them the club for £5, debt free and Russ Green did the deal on it. Which brought the question from a number of wags: "Are we worth that much?" One thing for certain is that Messrs Hodcroft and Green didn't learn their lesson, going on to sell the club to some Cock Knee barrow boys who brought Pools to its knees. Down and almost out.
And this from a chairman who took pride in how prudent he was although not allowing the club to see any of the transfer fees for Jack Baldwin and Luke James.

Talking of a club for a fiver there is a very good documentary on C4 by that name (which can be seen on YouTube) about Leyton Orient being sold for that amount. The film goes behind the scenes and features a classic confrontation in the dressing room featuring joint managers John Sitton and Chris Turner (yes, that one) with Sitton lambasting the players while Turner nods his head in agreement. One player is sacked on the spot while another is offered a fight outside and told to bring his mates and his dinner with him. Very, very funny. In fact when Turner got the Pools manager's job I rang him and asked him if he would be bringing in Sitton as his assistant. He said no and was quick to point out he hadn't seen him since that programme.

The jury is still out on our present manager but I think with a more attacking formation and the fact he is learning about this league pretty quickly I think we could have an exciting second half to the season.