Any Other Business


So, after the traditional bad start (or a good start that peters out), it was the former this year, which vasttly improved when we got to September.

The turnaround was greatly assisted by the arrival of two competent central defenders. And when they were both injured, the form reflected their loss, but Donnelly helped out before going off to international duty, leaving us once more with the weak defence we started with, and the clean sheet against Barrow was more to do with awful finishing than with fine defending. As others have suggested, there's not much to worry us in this league, apart from Pools themselves!


Judging by the BBC website's Pools page following the defeat of Barrow, their man at the match must have had an aberration or gone home early, for him to write a match summary like this, and nobody noticed that the real result was right next to it.

The monkey

No doubt everyone's already heard that someone has dramatised the monkey legend and it's doing a small tour of the country, including performances in Hartlepool Town Hall on 14th and 15th November. 

There's a decent piece on the BBC website (this time without obvious errors), telling the story of both legend and play: