Worse Still

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 0 Fylde 2 (National League)
Saturday August 26th 2017
Victoria Park

Today I thought this was our chance to make our mark and turn around the dismal start. Newly promoted Fylde were on a similar journey to ourselves, both of us having only two points on the board and just off the bottom. 

We have to grasp at straws when we have had such a shocking, disheartening start to out non-league career. I was of the opinion after watching three pre-season games that we should do well in this division.

Having previously been tempted to pay at the gate match by match and see how it went, sadly, I let my heart rule my head and bought a season ticket. I felt robbed at the end of last season when we went down so abysmally with really weak performances. I thought I would give them a chance and really expected us to at least compete.

I now feel robbed once again. We really should have looked back to the end of the IOR reign and seen that the future without them was not going to be anything but a struggle. I listened to the same whingers on the terrace back in their reign when things looked a little dodgy, and took no heed of the abuse they were throwing at the owners, at a time when the said owners were laying out a million pounds a year to keep our club afloat. The moans at the time were “why do the owners not tell us anything?" Well, I wish they were still involved and saying nowt.

Today there was a lot of foul abuse hurled at the players, but whenever has abuse of players ever turned them into better players. OK I can understand fans not being happy at our position but hurling foul abuse at the team is not going to change that. As a fan of Pool for a few years now I feel that a lot of today's abuse was unjustified so early in the game, some of those abusive fans have to get it into their heads that non-league football is going to be a whole new ball game and we have been wrongly named as one of the probables to go straight back up. The expectations of some fans are not realistic as most of the other teams are probably better financed than we are and we all know football at any level is all about money.

 It has been reported that we got a good deal on Amond, £40.000 - what good is that going to do? I would rather have had a striker than three other players who must be inferior signings to what we have let go even if Amond did not want to stay, as it was reported.
"they worked out that we are p*** poor and began to walk all over us"

Enough of the rambling and onto the game. Not a lot to say actually, we matched them for about twenty minutes until they worked out that we are p*** poor and began to walk all over us. It has to be said that it was even worse than the end of last season. We were living on our nerves at the back, just could not get the ball clear and when we did we could not hold onto it. They cut through us like a knife and always had numbers in the box and backing up.

It was an excellent run to the by-line by the winger who crossed a low ball in and it was stroked home at the near post with not a challenge to be seen. This only sent some of the Pools fans into an orbit of rage, Harrison in particular taking a lot of stick. He did mess up in front of the Town End when he went into a challenge right on the line and the attacker fell down and even on his knees he robbed Harrison of the ball and got a cross in that was scrambled away.

Early in the second half with us still under pressure the manager in desperation used up his last two subs to try and change things but the way we were playing it was never going to happen. Another poor defensive slip let them in with a free kick that was knocked in at the near post again.

We are making these teams, who are in the main part-time footballers, look like world beaters and we are about to become the whipping boys of the division if we carry on in the same way.

The manager could walk but would he? The word on the terrace is he should go now or be shoved, He will be lucky to carry on past ten games if this form continues.

A couple of highlights of the day, just to lift the gloom, were the two great saves that captain-for-the-day Loach made in the game. Also he was the only player to walk down the three sides of the ground applauding the fans. Can we please beg Ronnie Moore to come back?

The rumour that Magnay was on his way to be sold was scotched before the game to stop such rumours, as a club statement said that he had gone down with a virus.

Watson, the new boy, made a cracking clearance in the box to stop the assault.

The sad part of the day was the minute’s applause for the ex-Pools legend Bill Green, who has died at the age of sixty-six.

Another downer on the day is that they have painted out the MONKEY BUSINESS sign between the flag poles at the Rink End. [Can't really complain since we paid for one year and got about ten - Ed.]

Just to lift the spirits, the one big scoop of the day was they have repainted the floor in the gents' loo a nice shade of grey.