What a Shambles!

A considered view from GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY

When Fylde scored their second goal last Saturday I’ve never seen so many Poolies vote with their feet and make for the exits. It was a pitiful performance and summed up the season’s start. 

Tactically, we were naïve to say the least – and predictable with it. The midfield bring the ball to the centre circle and then its across to the wing followed by a centre. And these centres are dealt with quite competently by opposing defences.

Say, what you like, the National League isn’t the best in the country but their teams can deal adequately with what Pools have to offer in attack. This is where the problem lies. Its not our defence but rather our inability to put opposing defences under pressure.
"the National League isn’t the best in the country but their teams can deal adequately with what Pools have to offer in attack."

I did notice one incident in particular in the game against Fylde. Jonathan Franks, working down the left, put across a low centre into their box and the defence got the shock of their lives – as did out strikers!! Let’s have more of it. As for Jonathan Franks, I always admired the way he fought for the ball and tried to keep it. His only failing was that his delivery wasn’t so good. Do more of that, Jonathan, and you’ll do for me. I know there’s a lot of Poolies who aren’t fussed with him but another attribute is to pop up and put one away. Have we found our saviour?

There’s one player who would certainly benefit from this kind of service and that’s Devante Rodney. He’s got to be given an extended run in the side – after all, someone who can score two goals against a League Two promoted side must have something going for him.

And what of Craig Harrison? The win against Guiseley will have given him breathing space but things need to happen – and quick. The season started with optimism; season tickets sold well and new signings added to what we thought was going to be a good campaign.. Already, however, the warning bells are sounding. Against Fylde, the gate fell below 3,000 and this should be of concern. I’ve never booed a team off the field but I can understand those who do. After all, they pay their money and expect something in return.

A focus for discussion was the departure of Padraig Amond. With the emphasis on up and under he was effectively frozen out in terms of goal scoring chances and it was inevitable he’d be on his way. The fact that he scored for Newport on his debut shows he still has goals under his belt.

With Pools being out of the Football League, there was no need for Poolies to set the alarm for 4.15am to get the draw for the League Cup – which was held in China. Which crackerjack thought of this one? The EFL are supposed to be seeking to develop commercial opportunities in the Far East. If that’s the case, how about a televised game between Newport County and Accrington Stanley on a Tuesday night in February. One sharp shower short of a Paddy Field might just appeal to the Chinese and others in the Far East!!

Another issue which is causing concern is the number of dementia cases among retired footballers. It's affirmed that this might be due to constant heading of the ball and research is currently being conducted to see if this is the case. It does appear, however, that the FA and the PFA are sitting on their hands and not taking the issue seriously enough. Watch out, if you don’t get involved the lawyers might.