Poolie Crossword

Compiled by Mrs CONTRACT

The crossword has a theme that should become apparent. You can either write down the answers on a piece of paper or click on the crossword and it should open a new page which you can print out. Writing the answers on your computer/tablet/phone screen is DEFINITELY NOT a good idea, though.

11942 Animated Disney film.1A fashionable and spirited young man.
5Another name for Wapiti.2Alces alces
6A party for the groom.3A cut of expensive meat.
7Animal of the arctic tundra.4Small antelope.
8A hoofed grazing animal with branched antlers.7A large family of ruminant mammals.
10Fish eggs.8A village on the outskirts of Hartlepool.
11Light yellowish, brown colour.9Sounds like lots of money.
You can find the answers on the Any Other Business page.