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Well, the pre-season confidence evaporated pretty quickly didn't it? Other clubs' fans were warning us we'd be playing 46 cup finals, that this division isn't much different to League Two in quality, and that we'd find it hard etc., but we took all that with a pinch of salt.

We were encouraged by the pre-season friendlies and the impressive array of new players and everything seemed rosy.

So what went wrong? Did we all (including the players) believe all the hype and disregard the warnings? Did we not expect that opposing defences would use any means to stop us? Did we not expect pitches like ploughed fields or referees even worse than those in League Two? More importantly, how did we expect a squad containing the poorer half of last season's relegated squad to succeed after the (relatively) better half had moved on? With hindsight it all seems as if we were deluded to expect anything different.

Welcome to another season at Pools!

Great Scoring Feet

Richie's career, according to Wikipedia
For nothing better to do, one of our contributors (who wishes to remain nameless so we shall just refer to him Billy's Contract), was checking out details on Richie Barker's playing career, and noticed some impressive scoring feats. Richie's scoring record for Pools compared to his number of appearances is impressive to say the least, but  pales into insignificance when compared to his goal tally at Doncaster. That must have been one hell of a match. Our informant guessed that the Donny manager at the time must have been hard to please, or had very high standards as, according to Wikipedia, Richie never played another game for them.

Crossword solution

That wasn't so hard now, was it?
Either turn your laptop/tablet/phone round to view the solution, or for those with desktop computers, simply stand on your head.

Standing on your head may actually improve your experience at the Vic these days. It certainly won't make it any worse!