The Only Way Is Up

The view from WAGGA MOON

So after years of decay and neglect we finally hit the buffers and went out of the league. After all those years of dodging relegation and getting our pals to re-elect us we finished in the bottom two once too often. 

Our downfall began with Uncle Ken, who prided himself for his business sense and attention to detail, and who would take months deciding on a manager, and getting rid of one who had just got us promotion. Then pocketing the transfer fees for Jack Baldwin and Luke James without signing replacements, failing to provide any investment while we struggled and then selling the club to a pair of shysters. This after pulling out of a deal that would have had another set of Dodgepots getting their hands on the club. So much for a period of due diligence and the League insisting on people taking over clubs being fit and proper persons.

With a record of liquidations and bankruptcy a blind man on a galloping horse could see Coxall and Co, were up to no good. And so it turned out with money soon disappearing out of the coffers, dates in the High Court over unpaid tax bills and players being sold off with the money disappearing and no replacements signed. Add the disastrous appointment of Dave Jones as manager and we were goosed on the pitch and off.

The lowest point was when we lost to Leyton Orient who were on a losing run of 10 games, played their youth team and still beat us. That led to the exit of the Scouser but too late in the day. A brilliant second half display against the league leaders just failed to save us despite two wonderful goals from Devante Rodney. This is a striker we signed in January and could not get a game in a side struggling to score a goal. That says it all about the management at the Vic.
"Add the disastrous appointment of Dave Jones as manager and we were goosed on the pitch and off."

Nice to see stand-in manager Matthew Bates give him a chance and also youth team striker Connor Simpson who looks like he could turn into a very useful footballer. But in a summer of change we have a new owner/chairman, new strip, new badge, new manager, coaches and eight new players; things are certainly looking up. Although one guy we retained, Josh Nearney, remains a mystery to me. Last season when we were short of centre backs he never got a look-in despite us having to switch a midfielder to perform there. Now, last Friday and Saturday having to put two teams out to face Boro kids and Whitley Bay, and still there's no sign of the elusive pimpernel. Which begs the question.: What exactly is his role at the football club.

Manager Craig Harrison at least brings a winning mentality with him after his successes in the Welsh League. He is not tainted with the failure and neglect we have seen at the club over the past five years. I wish him all the best as it will make a nice change to be celebrating a few victories instead of the constant defeats of whichever no-hoper was in charge at the time.

It looks like we could be featured live on BT Sport this season and hopefully make up for the debacle when we entertained the "mighty" Blyth Spartans. Our new captain Carl Magnay appears to be eminently suited to the job as he is one of the few players who actually put a bit of effort in last season.

The skipper who guided us out of the league, Nicholas Featherstone, looks to be on his way out of the club after losing the captaincy and, with the number of midfielders Mr Harrison has brought in, that can only be a good thing.