Out of Darkness...


“OUT OF DARKNESS, THROUGH FIRE, INTO LIGHT” Poolies, so far as I can work out, have two mottos. There’s ‘Never Say Die’ and ‘Poolie till I die’. Very appropriate in the circumstances. Yet, given what’s happened, the I Zingari Cricket Club motto is just as appropriate. 

The darkness was getting relegated to the National League; well, we came through that with determination. The fire represented what we had to do to put things right – and, up to now we haven’t done a bad job. What’s happened in this close season is what was needed in past seasons. Had past seasons shown the same urgency then we wouldn’t have been playing in the National League.

We appointed a new manager early in the close season thus giving him the chance to make signings which hopefully will equip us for the National League, and having got rid of some of the dead wood made it easier to make the signings.

And then there’s coming into light. We’ll know that after the first few games!! The number of season tickets sold I think surpassed all expectations. Once the reality of getting relegated from the Football League had sunk in the fans began to show where their loyalties lie. And the club seem to be on a reasonable business footing.
"Once the reality of getting relegated from the Football League had sunk in the fans began to show where their loyalties lie."

I’m in total admiration of what Pools are trying to do on the business side – this is, of course, in complete contrast to what is happening in the bog standard Premier League. Up to last weekend, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool had spent a combined £570m on new players and the figure could go higher. I am more confident about the long term future of Pools than with some of the so called top clubs. Wait for the crash – it will happen one day. There’s only one word for it – obscene.

The BBC list of top earners certainly put the cat among the pigeons. Some years ago, I tried to find out what the BBC spent on football pundits; they declined my request on grounds that it might affect competition. (You couldn’t write a script for that answer). The fact that Gary Lineker earns between £1,750,000 and £1,799,999 didn’t surprise me – after all, he’s on the telly more than Ant and Dec. What did shock me was that Alan Shearer is getting between £400,000 and £449,999. Bloody hell – what does he do to earn that much? The trouble is I’m having to contribute to that with my TV licence fee. Still, roll on to my 75th birthday when I won’t have to buy a licence.

Anyway, hope you’ve all enjoyed the close season. Let the wagons roll and get back into the Football League pronto.