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So after all the doom and gloom, the end of the world and all that, we've now resigned ourselves to life in the Conference. And not only that, we've bought thousands of season tickets, been impressed with the new manager and players, and are expecting good things. Yet just a few weeks ago it was touch and go as to whether Pools would even be around by now.

Perhaps that shows that things have been turned around, or just that Poolies are easily seduced (like we were by a certain recent chairman) because they are desperate for some sort of success, even if it's only in the National League.

The reality is, however, that Pools have, especially with the complex new playoff rules, more chance of playing at Wembley than ever before, and with no transfer window there's more opportunity to make mid-season personnel changes, so that lot may generate excitement to make up for some of the less-inspiring stadiums.

Whether Pools can return to the EFL sooner or later, it will be good to have the experience at a lower level. It didn't do Leicester City and Southampton much harm to slum it with us a few seasons back. Perhaps clubs have to drop below their level in order to regroup before reclaiming their place.

For those of you who are into humour (and you need a sense of humour to follow Pools), there's an exhibition at the Museum of Hartlepool celebrating 60 years of Andy Capp in the Daily Mirror.

I'm sure most of you know that Reg Smythe's famous character, like his creator, was a Hartlepudlian (Reg did much of his cartooning in Caledonian Road), and the odd local reference did creep in from time to time (such as the Boilermakers' Club), so we can all guess which stadium Andy would watch matches in.
The exhibition continues until 27th August so have a look before it's too late.
Follow this link to find out a bit more.

Pam Duxbury seems to have been like a breath of fresh air when compared to recent chairmen. We went twenty years without ever really knowing why Ken Hodcroft wanted Pools. With Gary Coxall we knew after 20 months, but that was some expensive 20 months.

The Pools Supporters' Trust is now in talks with Pam with a view to being involved in some way with the club. They may lead to nothing, to fans eventually owning the club, or to something in between, but given the turbulence of the last few seasons, all of this is a step in the right direction.

So if anyone wants to join the trust or just find out what they're up to, go to their website here.

And finally, some alleged quotes supplied by Tony Beysens

The young ‘uns

“I told that young Beardsley lad that if he keeps pulling faces, one day he’ll stay like it.”

"Alan, will you stop heading that ball against the shed, you’ve got less chance of playing for Newcastle than Blackburn have of getting into the First Division.”

The owld ‘uns 

“I used to play in goal for Scotland, you know”
“You’ve dropped your Hobnob”
“What Hobnob?”

“Do you remember the time their speedy winger sent you the wrong way and put it between the goalie’s legs?”
“Yes, I should have realised there wasn’t a chippy in the High Street and my girlfriend stopped playing keeper for the girls’ team shortly after that.”

 “It’s a Benefit Match”
“Who for, I don’t recognise any of the players?”
“No, what I mean is, since relegation they are all on benefits.”