Annual Night Out to Billy Town

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Billingham Town 0 Pools 6 (Friendly)
Thursday July 6th 2017
Bedford Terrace

The new non-league Pools side took on our neighbours Billingham Town last night. A good turnout of Poolies and the word was 2000 season tickets sold at the last count.

This first game of the season is usually a bit lively with BT flexing their muscles against us. No different today as some hefty tackles early on tried to unsettle the lads. Their so-called best player went off injured in his first tackle as he went to challenge Harrison who was driving forward with the ball. With a deft side-step Harrison left him for dead and the lad went to the ground,. It took a while but he went off on a stretcher, The word at half time was the lad had played the end of last season with an injury and trained this season with the leg strapped but he looks like he will be out for a while.
"we look like a very strong outfit on this showing"

Pools played two teams, one in each half:
Scott Loach, Kenton Richardson (Curtis Obeng 46), Josh Baynes (Blair Adams 46), Carl Magnay (Liam Donnelly 46), Scott Harrison (Josh Nearney 46), Luke George (Martin Smith 46), Josh Hawkes (Ryan Donaldson 46), Lewis Hawkins (Nicky Deverdics 46), Rhys Oates (Jake Cassidy 46), Michael Woods (Padraig Amond 46), Junior Mondal (Jack Munns 46).
So, a few new names in the squad.

We were excellent and I only remember Billy being in our half a couple of times, We played some very good football, ok It was only against BT but had we played this game at the end of last season they would probably have hammered us. The man of the game for me was Rhys Oates.  Finally they are playing him as a striker and he notched up two great goals, the second being a sheer touch of class as he was fed by Mondal and,  back to goal he turned on a tanner and hit the sweetest ball you will ever see, The lad looks really fit and raring to go.

Mondal is a gem who needs to be snatched up now. He was dropped from the Borer academy but showed real skill and guile every time he had the ball. - an excellent half from the youngster as he pushed forward, made some great runs, just dropping a shoulder and drifting past his man. A joy to watch.

Blair Adams is the new Terry Cooper. I have never seen any defender go down the line and whip in the perfect cross since Shuggy left us. Magnay and Harrison never let anything through and we look like a very strong outfit on this showing - play-offs at least.