That Was More Than a Bump on the Road

WAGGA MOON on relegation

So the years of flirting with relegation finally caught up with us and we went to the well once too often. I think it is fair to say the reason for our demise is our owner and ex-chairman Gary Coxall and two disastrous managerial appointments he presided over. 

Craig Hignett, a rookie manager, brought some boring defensive tactics with him from Boro and was unable to change his way of thinking. Dave Jones after being out of football for three years appeared to be completely out of touch with what was required despite bringing in his own backroom staff, and appeared to play the same way as Hignett with similar results and selling off three players in January without signing any replacements. Manchester United might be able to do this and feel no difference but we are Hartlepool United.

This was about the time things started to get a bit iffy with bills not being paid court appearances, money allegedly going missing and loans from dodgy loan companies. However the Cockney barrow boy, or should I say our beloved club owner, assured us that things would work out alright but there would be a few bumps in the road on the way.

They turned out to be bloody big bumps and our 96 year stay in the Football League was over. And our owner who appears to have no money to spend and no one to give him any will now hopefully piss off out of Hartlepool and let some responsible people clear up the mess he has left behind him.

Of course with players' contracts running out and a pre-season to organise and a new team to assemble, a new manager is needed and quickly. However this appointment needs to be a good one because we cannot afford any more seasons of failure. I think we need a new set of eyes to look at things, not the calls to give the job to Batesy or bring back Sam Collins or Ritchie Humphreys. We don't need any old boys who are used to years of failure to have another go at putting things right. I would make one exception and that is if we could possibly convince Danny Wilson to come back he would be the man to get us back up at the first attempt.
"I don't think we need to worry about any clubs nabbing any of our players as I cannot imagine anyone wanting any of that lot"

I don't think we need to worry about any clubs nabbing any of our players as I cannot imagine anyone wanting any of that lot, although I was pleasantly surprised by Devante Rodney on my first glimpse of him against Doncaster Rovers. We signed this young man when Hignett was in charge and depite the lack of goals in the last few months neither Hignett nor Jones thought he was worthy of starting a game...and thought Nicholas Featherlite was an ideal choice as captain to lead us into battle. That says all you need to know from those two football Einsteins.

As for the rest of the players it looks like Trevor Carson and Nathan Thomas will be offski. Carson will need to be playing league football to keep his Irish place and it appears Thomas has agreed to a move while he was injured as his form since he returned has been abysmal and his mind has been elsewhere. it has been alleged he did not want to play in the final game against Doncaster in case something happened to scupper his summer move and that Billy Paynter chinned him for his efforts.

I think Kenton Richardson, Brad Walker, Padraig Amond, Devante Rodney and Rhys Oates along with kids like Hawkes, Blackford and Simpson might be worth hanging on to but personally I would scatter the rest and bring in some big physically strong players with a bit of commitment to bully us out of the National League.

A final thought on my least favourite Pools player and it is by courtesy of the Sunday Sun writer who did Saturday's match ratings. Featherstone (5) Sideways, backwards and substituted. He forgot to add "and relegated".