Going Down Fighting

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at the ex-Vic

Pools 2 Doncaster 1 (League 2) Saturday May 6th 2017

Won the game
The fat lady has finally broken her silence. I knew that we could beat Donny on the day under the new management team. The problem was I also thought that Newport would fall at the last hurdle, but sadly it was not to be.

The atmosphere at the Vic was fantastic with almost a sell out crowd.It was great to see the eighteen Pools players warming up and it looked as if they were dancing to the music of  "I Need a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler as they bounced on the spot, kicking their legs side to side in unison. A nice touch from Billy Paynter was when he led the lads to salute three sides of the ground as they ended their warm up.

A full-house version of “Two Little Boys” has never sounded sweeter than it did just before the kick off. Even some Donny fans wanted us to stay up and I read that ex-Poolie Jamie Coppinger was of the opinion that they had blown the title and it did not matter to him if Pools won. In fact he had a glorious chance in front of goal and hit the Morrison's clock with his effort. On purpose? We will never know.

...but lost their league place
As you know, being a Headlander, I can read Indian smoke signals and the news from the top end of the Mill House Stand came through in a cloud of blue smoke just as we kicked off that we would win a brave victory. It looks like a sad end to Nathan Thomas at Pools after he supposedly spat out his dummy last week feigning injury, later telling people he was not bothered, he is off to L***s.

The first omen was that we had won the toss and would kick down bank in the second half. Trevor Carson, who can also read smoke signals, went the right way, palming a strong shot to thwart an early Donny attack. Pools were a totally different side under the stewardship of the senior players and they were playing as a unit in a home game for the first time since I don’t know when.

Despite the visitors' pressing we looked cool under the pressure and worked hard for each other. Their goal was a bit of a gift from Mr Brown who came to town from Yorkshire - where else would he come from on such a crucial day for Pools? A free kick was given out wide and it should have gone the other way. Mr Brown who refereed the Portsmouth game recently proved then that he is a man of few principles and just can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and can only look one way during a game. The goal was flagged offside by the young lady lines person who often makes an appearance at the Vic and upsets the equilibrium of the Ditchburn Poolie, Mr Brown went over to consult her then totally overruled her decision, giving the visitors a lead.

It was about this time that the Ditchburn went to speak to a group of large policemen, asking them to arrest this Mr Brown. For a quiet man he was certainly very angry.

With the advantage of the bank in the second half Pools started to get at Donny who probably thought they were home and dry with both teams being at opposite ends of the division. In the past that is exactly what would have happened. Pools started to threaten the visitors and they looked shaky. Matty Bates, acting as manager, bravely took off Woods for Deverdics, who linked up well with Amond. He proved that he too was a “brave Indian" when he took off Featherstone for Rodney. A comment beside me was "What is the point of replacing S***e with S***e?" - well that is football and what do mere fans know about team selection?

He also brought on the lad Connor Simpson who last week was playing in the youth team. Kicking down the bank to the Town End, Pools were reaping the rewards as Donny struggled to clear the ball and for once it was Pools who were picking up the loose balls and sending them back into the area.

"the news from Newport was coming through - first bad, then good, then misleading, then good again - then devastation."
Amond pounced on a loose ball from their keeper and raced into the box; he should have had a penalty but Mr Brown was looking the other way at the time. Amond was the provider and this time he made it count with a great ball for Rodney (yeah that's him who is S***e), who deftly pushed the ball wide of the keeper into the net sending the home crowd into raptures.

Rovers were still chasing the ball but Pools were having all the success with the roar of the Vic crowd pushing them on and again the Amond - Rodney link worked a treat as a ball out to Rodney saw him skip along the edge of the box and slam a great shot in to give Pools a two one lead. I am just wondering now if Rodney could also be an Indian smoke signal reader.

While all this was going on the news from Newport was coming through - first bad, then good, then misleading, then good again - then devastation.

The great escape was not to be and sadly we become a non-league team. Now the deed is done the autopsy will be mulled over and everyone will have a different opinion on where it went wrong. My theory is it started a couple of years from the end of the IOR era, which I still think was the best thing to happen to this club of ours. At least when they were around and were heavily criticised by some fans under their supervision we still had a club to support. There had to be a time when they pulled the plug on finance.

Fans have to realise we live in a depressed area and there is very little chance of getting another IOR. More than likely we will get what we have just partially got rid of. I ask the question why, after someone came up with a dodgy bid and IOR chased them, they did not do Due Diligence on this bunch of charlatans.

The departure of “WHEN I PLAYED FOOTBALL” Jones came far too late in the day, When you think about it he had been out of football for five or six years, he turned out to be a total novice in this level of football and just too idle to put any effort into the job. How can a manager not even get off his feet and give his team a rollicking when they are playing his system and it is not working. I only ever saw him off his dug out seat twice in all the time he was here. Something like thirteen point out of a possible fifty odd is not a good average and it won’t get people queuing up for his services anytime soon.