Any Other Business


So it finally happened and Pools join the Conference. However you look at it, nobody can deny that they've been very lucky to have lasted this long, whether judged over just the last three seasons or the last century. 

So, with no manager, an acting chairperson, a retained list to sort out, and only 6 weeks to go before pre-season training starts, it would be ambitious to expect much from our first season in the National League anyway, but with the financial mess that the club is in as well, the future is somewhat bleak.

The possibility that the Supporters' Trust could take over the club seems to be the best way forward at the moment, especially as mentioned earlier by Alan Essex, that this business model doesn't seem to have done Barcelona any harm.

When you look at what's been going on at various clubs of late, and not just Pools (Blackpool, Leyton Orient and Charlton all come to mind), that cannot be a bad thing. So if anyone wants to join the trust or just find out what they're up to, go to their website here.

Ned Corvan was also a painter,
and this is his own self portrait,
which can be seen in the
Museum of Hartlepool.
And now, some real Monkey Business. Many will know or at least remember the old Monkey postcards that were and possibly still are on sale in Hartlepool. 

They featured verses about the legend which were in fact from a song by Ned Corvan that probably started the monkey legend. Ned was a comedian/fiddler/singer-songwriter, originally from Liverpool, who made a music-hall career in the North-East during the mid-nineteenth century.

A new book about him has been made into a musical play which will be touring the North-East over the next few weeks and it can be seen at the Hartlepool Town Hall on June 6th.

For further information about Ned, the book and the play, this Newcastle Chronicle article is well worth a read.

As mentioned elsewhere, new club badges have been proposed with the designs to be voted on by fans.

But we wonder how many fans have noticed that what comes through is that the designers would like the club colours to be changed to dark blue and a coffee colour. All the scarf illustrations in their design proposals omit the white in favour of brown. The designers seem to have forgotten that strong colours (to take a word being done to death in the election campaign) are what football club colours are all about, and for very good reason, to be easily seen. That's why greys and browns are almost universally avoided.

But if you give graphic designers a free hand, they'll always come up with something to be different, whether it's appropriate or not. And anyway, you could never say St. Hilda's church is coffee coloured (the reasoning behind the colour choice!) But Pools seem to like doing things that are different these days.

This picture from the Donny match was sent by a Donny fan to one of our contributors. 

If you don't know why, you're not looking hard enough.

The same contributor also reported that after the match, a Rovers fan asked a Pools fan how he felt about the prospect of non-league football.
"No problem at all, been watching it all season" he replied.

Finally a word of thanks to our readers and our contributors for sticking with us in fairly desolate times. 

At this point we normally say that we look forward to being back again in August, but Pools having so many problems on so many fronts, we can't even say there will be a club by August, so we'll just say we hope to be back again on the Friday before the National League season starts.

In the meantime we hope you all have a good summer and come back ready for another fray, having in the meantime located where Eastleigh is on the map.