The Worst of a Bad Bunch

Some un-minced words from WAGGA MOON

ON and on we go in our battle against the drop. One win to bring a bit of hope followed by a defeat. Or two. It is not a case of Pools beating the drop it will be a case of two out of Orient, Newport, Cheltenham or Morecambe being worse than us for the rest of the season. Orient look to have lost the plot completely but I would wager the only game they will win before the end of the season will be against Pools. 

Dave Jones has a real job on his hands trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and if the worst does happen the blame can be laid squarely at the chairman's door. Our version of a football Einstein decided in January that the squad did not need strengthening and of course he has been proved horribly wrong.

We are stuck with the dregs of league football to stumble towards the safety line led of course by our Captain Fantastic Sir Nicholarse Featherlite, fresh from taking over from David Clegg in the Worst Ever Pools Players poll. A well deserved award and he celebrated last Saturday against Pompey by giving them the ball on the hallway line and watching their attackers stroll through for the second goal.
"...if the worst does happen the blame can be laid squarely at the chairman's door"

And this happening while he did his best Alan Carr impersonation of running after them. Although the guy cuts a joker figure on the field he actually has some supporters on a failing Pools message board. A few halfwits actually back him while they wouldn't know a footballer if one kicked them in the balls. Perhaps the most vociferous of the group is a guy whose user name rhymes with "knows bugger all" and is old enough to know better. It must be clear to a blind man on a galloping horse that Woods and Featherlite cannot operate functionally in the same midfield.

Now that Carl Magnay is fit again I would get him in at right back and play either Liam Donnelly or Mathew Bates in the defensive midfield role and have a look at Kenton Richardson playing a bit further forward in right midfield.

The current crop have proved game after game they are not up to the job and our only chance of freshening things up a bit is what we have on the bench. Certainly whoever thought it would be a good idea to bring in Louis Rooney on loan needs to take a long look in the mirror. He is no improvement on what we have already have and that says a lot for the scouting system.

With six games to go and for it to be in our own hands I would suggest two wins and a draw would be enough for us. Our best win hopes appear away at Morecambe, home to Barnet and a point at home to Carlisle. With talk of us taking the club shop back in house and having a new badge and strip away from the usual Nike range, it would be a great shame if we had to parade them in the Conference.

If we do land in the Conference I would not expect Dave Jones to be with us next season.