Never Really Got a Look in

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at the ex-Vic

Pools 0 Wycombe 2 (League 2) Saturday March 18th 2017

After I have read them I often think of late that some of my scribblings for the Bizz lack a little what you might call “something special” So I thought I might follow the line of some of the team who go to away games and give us a nice description of the leafy shires they visit on their wanderings in support of our team. 

When I thought long and hard about it, the only thing we have to compare with the “Leafy Shires" is probably Ward Jackson Park, which would only probably take one sentence, possibly two, if I counted all the wild life.

I knew it was going to be a bad day when I saw the Ditchburn Poolie dancing to the music from the Tannoy before the game, when he is normally prowling along the front of the terrace dragging his ball and chain and chanting an inaudible dirge. As you can probably tell I am struggling to make the word quota up to scratch on today's game - scrappy, patchy, even bloody awful at times, “YET” we did not play too badly in a game where we never really got a look in but I would even say defensively we did ok-ISH.

Walker was again Man of the Match in my opinion, The keeper, Fryer, made some very good saves. Harrison had a good game game and a good right hook which brought him a yellow card late in the game after he tangled with a Cowan-Hall who had been booked earlier for a deliberate handball. Anyone with a double-barrelled name deserves a red card in my opinion.

He was given his marching orders. It was too late to benefit us in the game but it gave both benches the excuse to stretch their legs and pile on, to either have a go or break it all up. Mr Webb was probably the worst official we have seen this season. This is not sour grapes because we were beaten by a side that took their chances and we made very few, if any, what you might call clean cut chances.
"Anyone with a double-barrelled name deserves a red card in my opinion."

But it has to be said a more biased official I have yet to see at a game of football anywhere. We were manhandled throughout the game and literally taken and thrown to one side in challenges and Mr Webb turned a blind eye time after time - it became monotonous. They were at him in numbers every time there was a fifty-fifty and the number of times he blew for a foul against Pools (at almost every challenge) was a disgrace to the profession.

With a re-jigged side we looked a little light in the middle of the park and the reliable men you expect to lift us were missing today. Thomas looked unfit and clattered into the hoardings twice in the second half and needed treatment.

Amond was exposed up front and Featherstone had little to show, consequently we hoofed the ball up and lost nearly every header we went for. Richardson had a tough task against a fast winger but give the lad his due he did very well and is emerging as a decent player, but lets hope they do not burn him out.

We all know Adebayo Akinfenwa because he regularly scores against Pools, no matter who he is playing for, and a softer goal he will never score. It was a simple ball down the middle that he just touched past Fryer for an early lead.

How the hell this man plays football at his weight is beyond me. He is so heavy yet he gets into the right space and holds any four players off at the same time just by moving his bulk. He did get injured in his celebration wobble after the goal and had treatment before the restart, so he went off early in the second half to great cheers from the Poolies.

Pools did lift their game a little after the break but it was not good enough to really threaten this side who looked comfortable on the ball and broke in numbers and with speed once they stopped our progress.

You could count on one hand the number of real chances we made, which is a shame after the progress we have made in the last few games. Getting back to the Leafy Shire angle we do have a new NEXT Store with a coffee shop upstairs but the best must-see on your next Hartlepool visit has got to be our new Headland Promenade reservation that is going ahead, but I do hope they complete the job before the money from the European Union dries up.