Nervous Times – Can We Beat the Drop?

GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY asks the annual question

A look at the fixture list makes for intriguing reading . Six games to go and Pools face the following teams: Morecambe (A) Barnet (H) Carlisle (H) Leyton Orient (A) Cheltenham (A) Doncaster (H)

Newport’s run in is : home games against three teams who have nothing to play for (Yeovil, Accrington and Notts County) and away games against three teams who have ( Exeter, Plymouth and Carlisle).

Compare this with Pools and it works out pretty much the same: two games against teams who have nothing to play for (Morecambe and Barnet), one game against the team who are on their way down (Leyton Orient) and three games against teams who have something to play for (Carlisle, Cheltenham and Doncaster).

In Doncaster’s case, they could be champions when they come to Pools for the last encounter; even so, they will want to go out on a blaze of glory in front of an away sell-out.

Why have we got into this position yet again? Some would say inept performances but what has been crucial are injuries to key players – Thomas, Paynter, Magnay and Carson to name just four. When you’ve not got the strongest squad, setbacks like that can make a lot of difference. And then there was Rhys Oates. He had a stormer against Exeter City and was then injured in the next game. So the momentum was lost at crucial times.
"Should Pools be relegated out of the Football League then I would be pessimistic for the future"

And then we’ve had inept refereeing. In particular, I watched with disbelief at the Wycombe game as David Webb let obvious infringements go by the board. It left a bitter taste and, with some justification, we could say we were robbed. Don’t blame Wycombe – they tried it on and got away with all the holding and niggling fouls.

Another factor which can’t be ignored is the loan system. In previous years, we’ve done reasonably well in tapping the loan system – Jordan Hugill (remember him – he scored the goal which kept us in the Football League two years ago) and then there was Jack Barmby. Now, of course, we can only use the loan system in the transfer window. The loan system as of late could be used when there was a long term injury, but not any more if it falls outside the window.

Should Pools be relegated out of the Football League then I would be pessimistic for the future. Gates would certainly drop below the two thousand mark and there would be no guarantee of getting straight back. Look at the teams who have dropped out and still struggle – a good example would be York City.

Still, let’s hope it doesn’t come down to having to beat Donny Rovers! Hopefully, we’ll be safe by then and then the reconstruction can commence. Only this time, don’t fanny around!

Lastly, I see the bog standard Premier League are getting their bowels in an uproar over BREXIT. They’re worried that that their clubs will be prevented from signing EU players and will have to obtain work permits for non – British players. Why not? Football cannot be an exception to the rule and law of the land. As far as I know Theresa May is not a footy fan so don’t expect preferential treatment.