Any Other Business


So here we are, yet again, with another nail-biter of a run-in.

OK, Orient are doomed but the one team that can catch us is the one in the danger area with the best form, so they could quite easily make up the five or six points needed to overtake us, given similar run-ins. These annual Great Escape attempts are starting to get a bit tedious.

Here's a picture of Trimdon Grange's Finest once again, as a reminder that next month we'll be continuing Malcolm Dawes's story. 

This will tell us about his career after leaving Pools, and especially his time with New York Cosmos, hobnobbing with famous footy names, and about life in the city that never sleeps, in the days when it was the only one.

Hopefully it won't dwell too much on why he was dressed up like this. Was it for a bet, was he modelling for a mail-order catalogue, or did he just have terrible dress sense?

Adam Bartlett was allowed to leave Pools for a career in coaching with the Boro ...and then promptly signed for Darlo. 

He may have been out of favour during Trevor Carson's second long absence but he did well during the first one and I'm sure all Poolies will wish him well at the Boro. It was unfortunate that he was at fault for all three goals in his first match for Darlo, and we hope it won't be repeated too often - but not too infrequently either!

And finally, congratulations to the Hartlepool United girls' team which won the Futsal Cup recently. 

At least it's nice to know that some teams at the club can actually win things, even it's things that we never even knew existed.