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There hasn't been much change in Pools' situation this month except that they survived the third winding-up petition, but the chairman's opinion that a winding-up petition is comparable to a final demand for a utility bill would seem to be a bit bizarre. 

And the folding of the chairman's employment business, the organisation we were told had acquired Pools from IOR, is similarly dismissed as an organisational thing. We know that sharp businessmen and accountants can do things we mere mortals wouldn't dream were possible, but there still seem to be enough ominous signs to keep us all worried, even without Pools being one place from relegation.


It's been good to see the miraculous re-invention of Brad Walker as a centre-half. And it probably needed an outsider like Dave Jones to see that the idea had potential.

When he made his mark in the first team as a midfielder Brad was young and not very tall, but the following season he had grown quite a bit and he's been less successful in midfield ever since. And perhaps everyone at the club, and most of the fans, have been thinking we had a tall midfielder who wasn't quite fulfilling his midfield potential, rather than a midfielder who looked like a centre-half.
Ok, so he was only thrown into the back four out of necessity, but if ever there was a cloud with a silver lining, this was it. So well done Dave Jones. And well done Brad! 


A meeting took place recently between a Poolie legend, Malcolm Dawes, and a Monkey Business legend, Billy's Contract. I say a meeting, but it appears to have been more than that (how many meetings last eight hours?), and the result is that you'll be reading reams and reams in these pages next month.

But as a taster, here's a little story and a big picture, both featuring Mally and Sunderland goalkeeping hero Jimmy Montgomery.

Jimmy Montgomery (l) and Malcolm Dawes (r)
Not that Malcolm Dawes is counting but he has been mistaken for the former Sunderland goalkeeper Jimmy Montgomery on no less than twenty six different occasions.

At a recent reception Mally approached Monty and told him about constantly being taken for him and people asking for his autograph. Mally then asked Monty if he had ever been mistaken for Malcolm Dawes. "Just the twice", came the reply.


A few comments from Neil Warnock, who is probably the manager who is the nearest we have in that regard to fellow ex-Poolie Brian Clough, especially now that Mourinho has gone a bit soft of late. 

Rather than a minute’s applause, Neil wants a minute’s booing up and down the country when he dies.

He has certainly not been afraid to ruffle feathers at various clubs. He once famously said he’d like to take over at Sheffield Wednesday – just so that he could get them deliberately relegated.

Another less controversial quote: "At 2-1 down, I was wondering what I was doing here at the age of 68. At 3-2 up, I remembered why I do this for a living."