Annual Struggle Well Under Way

The view fromWAGGA MOON

Well we are back in our annual relegation fight and once again hoping for the two teams at the bottom to do worse than us in the run-in. Nothing much has changed with our new owners and new manager, with the same old faults not having been rectified and our squad as poor as it has been for a few years. 

Dave Jones's record was about the same as Paul Murray's when he was sacked and to think Jones could have had a win in his first match if he had taken charge as he was paid to do and not sit in the stand and let Sam Collins do the job. Only to claim the glory for it a couple of days later. A bit like John Terry being suspended for a Champions League final only to to get his kit on when Chelsea won it and pose for the photos as if he had played a major part in the win.
"The win against Crewe will mean nothing if we can't follow it up with a win against Exeter."

However Jones got off the mark in style with a 4-0 home win over fellow strugglers Crewe. I am sure I am not the only one a bit hacked off with our beloved chairman coming out with more and more bullshine which he is failing to deliver on. Big signings in January missed out on, loan signings to be brought in and then plenty of free agents waiting to be signed up. And what do we get. A few no-marks going OUT on loan and not enough players on the substitutes' bench. And when Foxy Coxy was questioned on why this should be, his response was "that's a question for the manager". Maybe he should be asking it as it was he who employed the chap. But perhaps he is still on the lookout for more bumps in the road.

Our chairman appears to be late paying the tax man and late paying the players and late informing the fans that one of the owners had done one with the season ticket money, allegedly. After the secret society that Bodgecroft reigned over this was supposed to be an open and transparent period in the club's management. But on the important matters of the club's future the silence from Coxy is deafening.

It is unfortunate the young kid from Sunderland, Andrew Nelson, got himself injured and has had to return to his parent club. The injury to Matthew Bates has shown the folly of selling Toto Nsala and not replacing him. We certainly got lucky in switching Brad Walker there and finding a diamond on first impressions. Far, far better than Sicknote Bates and anyone else on the staff.

Young Kenton Richardson, thrown in at right back, has not let anybody down and an experienced tough-tackling midfielder (we can't keep relying on powder puff Featherlite) and a reliable goal scorer would finally pull us away from the dead men at the bottom of the table.

The win against Crewe will mean nothing if we can't follow it up with a win against Exeter. As you said Coxy, there are plenty of free agents out there looking for a club. Get your cheque book out and spend some of the cash you said was available in January. Or has it all gone to the taxman?