More Bumps in the Road

WAGGA MOON is happy despite the bumps

So our chairman changed his mind and went from saying Craig Hignett's job was safe to giving him both barrels after Christmas. This appears to have happened after he spent the previous week discussing the manager's job with various candidates. 

Of course it was the right decision and Hignett's record as manager was abysmal. In the Bobby Moncur, Colin Cooper and Mick Docherty bracket. The trouble is he has overloaded the squad with players who are not fit for purpose and given us one of the biggest squads in the league.
"If he is half as good as people tell me he is we are on to a winner"

The size of the task facing new manager Dave Jones was made abundantly clear when we were shafted 3-1 at the bottom club. It could and should have been more as the spineless bunch of ragamuffins capitulated without any sort of fight.

 I applaud Gary Coxall's decision to appoint Jones as it makes sense to appoint someone who understands the job and not some rookie with no experience, i.e. the cheap option as favoured by our previous regime under Mr Bodgecroft. There are plenty of rumours circulating about the club's finances or lack of them and the consensus appears to be we haven't got a pot to piss in. Allegedly three winding up orders from the tax man and the chairman borrowing money from the business equivalent of Wonga.

The BIG January announcement he talked of before Christmas failed to materialise and he himself is talking of "more bumps in the road" before the end of the season. Certainly there doesn't appear to be any money around to buy any players at the time of writing just before the transfer window is about to slam shut.

We are certainly not clear of the relegation pack as Newport and Notts County are starting to get their acts together. This despite what our acting captain Nicky Featherlite is saying this week: that we are 12 points off the play-offs and that is what we are aiming for. Clearly this little halfwit will never get a place on Mastermind but it is how he gets a place in Pools team that is the biggest mystery. He couldn't tackle a fish supper.

Getting back to something important our new manager is hopefully going to do big things for us. I have friends in Cardiff and have worked in the city and all I hear is good reports about Dave Jones. If he is half as good as people tell me he is we are on to a winner.