It's Not All That Bad!

GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY looks on the bright side

To look at Social Media you’d think the world had come to an end because we didn’t sign anyone in the transfer window. I’ve always considered that the two transfer windows are no more than FIFA-inspired nonsense – and in some ways we’re better out of them. (So far as the latest transfer window is concerned the only advantage in it is that it will replace Donald Trump as the main source of interest on Radio 5). 

Of interest to Poolies was the transfer to Shrewsbury of Toto Nsiala and that came at the start of the window. However, it was those who didn’t go that should cheer us up. When Trevor Carson was left out at the end of the year everyone assumed he was on his way; and then there was the future of Nathan Thomas. He was another one destined to go but his serious injury at Barnet on 29th October put paid to any chance of him leaving. It now seems that he’s working his way to full fitness and that should help Pools achieve a reasonable position at the end of the season.

After the Stevenage game, there were those who were looking to the play-offs; one week later, after a 3-1 defeat at Newport County it was relegation staring is the face. Dave Jones isn’t going to work miracles with a squad that has weaknesses. I see his aim to keep us in the Football League and then build up a squad of his own choosing and getting rid of the dead wood.
"Dave Jones isn’t going to work miracles with a squad that has weaknesses."

We are fortunate to have acquired the services of an experienced manager – the last time we chose a similar boss was Danny Wilson. Could lightning strike twice in the same place? Let’s hope so! Even then, there were complaints that he’d had no experience at League Two level.

Marvellous isn’t it? Pools’ interest in the FA Cup finished on 4th December when we were dumped out of the competition by Port Vale. The main focus of interest last week was the number of weakened teams put out by bog-standard Premier League teams – and, of course The Mags. What puzzles me, though, is that if the FA Cup is losing its interest why is the final played on Saturday evening to attract overseas viewers? Importantly, of course, the game finishes too late for many fans to get home by train. Of course, the real problem is a lack of leadership from the FA – something I touched on in last month's MB.

 Well, well, well. It looks as though a club from the bog standard Premier League has finally met its match and it’s the rugger home of Twickenham that’s done it. While Stamford Bridge is being redeveloped, Twickenham had been earmarked as a possible temporary home for Chelsea (up to three years); however the RFU have guaranteed that the club will not be allowed to play there. The local MP for Twickenham, Dr Tania Mathias, wrote to the RFU in the following terms: “Following the decision by Hammersmith and Fulham Council to approve plans for Chelsea’s new stadium, I am writing to you to re-state my position that I do not support Chelsea FC being based, temporarily or otherwise, at Twickenham. My opposition …is based on concerns regarding increased problems for local residents such as match-day traffic, an increase in litter, public urination and other anti-social behaviour.”

Oh dear, I always thought that Chelsea had the poshest supporters!!