Any Other Business


Last month in this column we suggested that a second winding-up petition in a year didn't look good, and now Pools have acquired a third, although the chairman suggests that this one isn't one, really. When you add that to the departure within a few months of the chief executive and assistant manager, both without replacement, and the very obvious touting of Thomas and Laurent as transfer candidates, it was no surprise that fans would become apprehensive that all is not well off the field at Pools.

That unrest led to the chairman making a statement which painted a rosy scene, suggesting that the club were going to buy the ground from the council (something that IOR couldn't do in 18 years of trying) and redevelop the surrounding area (which IOR also failed to do). To that end the owners have taken out a loan.

It doesn't appear that the current owners have anything like the resources that IOR did, so why would the council be any more keen to deal with them than they were with Ken Hodcroft? ...Well, ok, Ken could give a masterclass in rubbing people up the wrong way, and the council probably needs the money a bit more now. But does the Mill House area, or in fact the town, need more shops, houses or hotels, and equally importantly, would that be an appropriate location for any of them? 

If the situation was a bit of a worry last month, it seems a bit more of one now. Planning for the future is something that Pools, like all businesses, have to do, but in the current situation Emperor Nero comes to mind.

This is what happens when you ask Scotsmen to print reports on New Year's Eve ...or are Norwich just x-rated?

(spotted by Wallace and Gromit in the Sunday Post)

Welcome to Hartlepool, Sean Kavanagh and Devante Rodney. 

As could have been expected, Sean's just a loan signing until the end of the season, but at least he's a sort of replacement for Toto, but we'd hope that he's earmarked for full-back, with another centre half coming in soon. And Devante is a striker, and a permanent signing.

Sorry to lose you, Trevor Carson.

Following all the transfer rumours concerning Trevor's absence at the start of the January transfer window, it turns out that not only was he really injured, but it'll keep him out for the rest of the season. It's not only Trevor that could do without that.