Who's to Blame?

WAGGA MOON wants to know

ONE step forward and two steps back. That is how it seems down at Victoria Park at the moment. Home win one week and up to mid table followed by an away defeat and it is back to the relegation dog fight. 

Manager Craig Hignett is still trying to determine which is his best team and which tactical formation is the best for the team but apparently is still undecided.

It is apparent to 99% of the fans that Jordan Richards and Scott Harrison have no place in any team he puts out. Hignett is still playing them week after week, and all the time leaving a good journeyman pro, and last season's leading scorer, club captain Billy Paynter, on the bench. Now Paynter should be walking into the present Pools team, which begs the question, What is going on?

It appears there has been some falling-out between the pair and that is not a good thing. Rumour has it that Paynter will be on his bike in the January window which is also not a good thing.
"If you sign enough Non-League players you will end up with a Non-League team*

Hignett was quoted in the Hartlepool Fail last week saying that we need a couple of experienced players in to help the youngsters, but it won't be happening in the January window. Presumably this is due to a lack of funds which might explain the failure to pay the tax bill. Twice. Things are not looking too good on the financial front at the moment and it appears our owners haven't a pot to piss in.

Things will get a lot worse if we go out of the FA Cup on Sunday and the gates inevitably fall when the bad weather kicks in. Our two Premier League loanees are now back with their parent clubs and unlikely to return. No surprise considering the clubs are doing us a favour and we don't even give the guys a game. Maybe their clubs will think twice about lending us players in the future.

Meanwhile Charlie Wyke who we twice had on loan and failed to make it a permanent deal has hit six in six for Carlisle to take them top of the league. A team with some good old professionals and an experienced manager showing what it takes to succeed in this division. This League Two is the worst in living memory and any half decent team would be in the top three.

It is becoming nauseating to hear Hignett come out with his standard excuses every time we lose. It is never his fault. Mistakes by the defenders, a useless referee, players looking leggy, not following instructions but they are his players, he signed them and he picks them.

If you sign enough Non-League players you will end up with a Non-League team. The squad is far too big with some of them having no realistic chance of being picked for the first team. Quality rather than quantity should be Hignett's motto for next season. If he is still here.

I'd just like to finish by wishing all Poolies the compliments of the season and some better football to watch in the New Year. We certainly deserve it after the garbage we have endured over the last six years.