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JANE AUSTEN'S ALLEGRO considers the new club badge

I have not heard much feedback from the club in the media about the new logo that Pools are going to adopt as from next season.

Fans were asked to submit their ideas to the club, who in turn would submit the best designs to the arty types to make the finished product look professional and it would then be emblazoned on shirts, merchandising, letterheads, tickets and on all things Pools.

I have said previously in these columns that I was never a fan of the existing logo, looks like a child designed it ...oh it was. I was delighted when Gary Coxall announced that they were looking for a change of corporate image.
"Got to admit it is going to be a bloody big badge. The first team shirts are going to be massive to accommodate the motif."

Personally I would revert back to the previous badge, The outline of the Stag/Hart with the letter H in the backround. Still looks class.
I am guessing that the chairman is looking for something altogether new and different. 

I was disappointed not to have had a response to my own submissions:

1)  A gadgee (or a Chorber) sat on the edge of the Pilots Pier winding up his fishing rod with a Tesco Trolley attached to the end of the line. Said Gadgee has a tab dangling from his lips and he is wearing a HUFC  Dut at a rakish angle and a string vest (It does get cold on the Headland). In the foreground is the scraphead on the docks in Middleton. On the ground beside him are a few empty Hansa cans of lager. In the backround is Verrills chipshop with a group of punters looking at the window at their open hours or should that be their closing hours.. In the middle ground on The Fish Sands is the remains of a monkey hanging from a makeshift gallows. Got to admit it is going to be a bloody big badge. The first team shirts are going to be massive to accommodate the motif.  

2) Still on the Verrills theme. Full frontal of Verrill's with a fish fritter rampant either side of it Two chips crossed at roof level. A scroll underneath in latin bearing the legend Clausa (Closed).

Once again no reply from the club. Typical.
If any readers have any of their own suggestions please submit them to the wheelie bin or send them to us here at Monkey Business and we will put them in the wheelie bin on your behalf.