Any Other Business


The second winding-up petition in a year doesn't look good, suggesting Pools don't have two pennies to rub together. And the rather transparent campaign to sell Nathan Thomas in January, before his injury knocked that on the head, followed by another campaign to big up Josh Laurent instead, and then the announcement that no players would be signed in January, all hint of desperation and that the team will only be weakened, not strengthened.

With the chairman suggesting he can run the club on the proceeds of player sales, he's expecting to pull off a trick that very few clubs manage.

Given that the club's credit-worthiness will now be at rock bottom, any player sales will also now be at rock-bottom prices (they'd be free agents if the club went bust), so it's going to be an interesting few months. And this while the grubby demise of BHS is fresh in our minds.

This paedophile business with junior footballers has the potential to be as big as what followed the Jimmy Savile revelations.

And that could apply, not only in football, but in most other sports too, so let's hope that the current cases lead to a full enquiry, both to identify any incidents and culprits, and to reassure parents that such things wouldn't happen today.

At Wycombe we saw this behind the goal at the away end. As you can see, an old advertising sign has been re-used and it now faces towards the away crowd rather than the pitch. But when you look closer  you see that the round badge on the left isn't Wycombe's but Reading FC's. You'd have thought they'd have covered up the badge at least, even if they're happy to live with turned-round signs.

A few years back we did some models of the old Hartlepool Corporation Christmas bus (which some people are now trying to preserve.) 

The pdf files are still available to download, print out onto card and cut out to have your own Christmas bus, either the one with sleigh on top, or the one with a tiled roof The instructions are printed on the sheets but you can look at the original articles from the December 2011 and 2012 editions, in the archive.

We were saddened to hear that Norman Oakley had died at the age of 77. He was the Pools goalkeeper from 1958 to 1964, which included some of the infamous re-election seasons. Despite Pools being awful at the time, they obviously would have been much more awful without him, because he was good enough to move on up a dvision - and for a transfer fee. His record number of appearances in goal for Pools wasn't bettered for half a century.

Some of us remember seeing him and his family, surrounded by luggage, waiting on West Hartlepool station for the 8:22 train for Kings Cross that would take them to their new life in Swindon.

Finally we'd like to pass our best wishes to all our readers, all our contributors, and all Poolies, including all at the club. 

Let's hope that the festive season gives us plenty to cheer about and that the new year will do the same.