A Bit of a Worry

Match report by BILL THE BIRO at Adams Park

Wycombe 2 Pools 0 (League 2) Saturday November 26th 2016

Having found somewhere to sing 'The Kaiser Demolished Our Grandstand' on the actual centenary of said event (Sunday 27th November), I woke up on the Saturday with the idea of writing another song to tag onto the end, about the actual Zeppelin raid itself. 

This duly done, I set off for Wycombe, picking up the French Poolie on the way. Nothing much had changed at Adams Park, although Wasps Rugby Club have now moved out. The red kites still fly round like seagulls do at the Vic, and as usual we were in the vast away end once the pint of Theakstons had been disposed of, and a double cheeseburger and chips consumed. The FP disposed of another cheeseburger at half time too. I know he'll become a father again in a few months, but I'd always thought the expession 'eating for two' only referred to expectant mothers.
"The jinky passing in midfield would almost invariably end with a misplaced pass or play returning again to where it had started"

Pools started with an unchanged team after Hignett had been dithering over the formation, with three at the back. From the off, Pools took command, with quick passing moves that showed great promise, Alessandra especially catching the eye.

However, by about the fifth minute we realised that promise doesn't mean much. There seemed to be lethargy all over the pitch. Passes went astray too often, Pools were second to the ball every time, Wycombe wanted it more, and even that barrel of lard Akinfenwa could get through our defence with ease. The jinky passing in midfield would almost invariably end with a misplaced pass or play returning again to where it had started, and the home central defenders and goalkeeper (all huge) weren't really stretched.

It seems that long balls are prohibited under Hignett, and Amond wasn't really much use at all as nobody could get the ball to him. His one opportunity was fluffed, as was another late on by Woods, but really Pools were no threat.

The substitutions helped a bit, with Pools being a bit more industrious towards the end, but they were never going to pull back those two goals, one in the middle of each half. The score was a fair reflection of the match. We weren't robbed. We beat ourselves.

Carson did fairly well. The defence struggled, although Bates was a calming influence. As has been said by others, Toto likes to play football when hoofing it may be the better option. The midfield would time and again weave fancy patterns which went nowhere, with little movement off the ball to give more options.

With Pools apparently penniless, their biggest asset crocked, and the one they are now touting, Laurent, not looking much better than the rest, it's all becoming a bit of a worry.

p.s. The new song never got performed in the end but at least the loss of both Grandstand and Zeppelin was appropriately commemorated.