Same Old, Same Old

WAGGA MOON thinks change is needed

NINE goals conceded in our last three games, no home win since April and one point off a relegation spot before we reach November. This is Craig Hignett's brave new world and what the long-suffering Pools supporters are having to put up with. Again.

New owners, weasel words and the same old bollocks on the pitch, although I believe the present defence is worse than last season. We all know Hignett has his favourites who he finds hard to drop but it is these guys who will get him the bullet if he did but know it.

Try as I might I still cannot think of a reason to re-sign Scott Harrison let alone play him. And in the same team as Jordan Richards and Nicky Featherlite. When I saw the team to face Barnet - almost identical to what had shipped six goals in the previous two games, I knew we had blown it. And we all expected a goal from Akinde who, like Jon Stead at Notts County and Jabo Ibehere at Carlisle, must rub his hands when a Pools game is coming up. They never fail to score.

Our present situation is not being helped by a goalkeeper who gets more like Scott Flinders as the weeks go on. I don't know who is the worst Northern Ireland goalkeeper, him or Norwich's Michael McGovern, who is absolute bobbins by the way. His performance against Brighton last Saturday when he let in five, was one of the poorest performances by a goalkeeper in the Championship in a long time. Carson needs a spell on the bench as Adam Bartlett is obviously the best of our keepers at this moment in time.

"Hignett has his favourites who he finds hard to drop but it is these guys who will get him the bullet"
With us now 20th in League Two, one point above a relegation place, Hignett has acted by bringing in two teenage centre-halves. Presumably they will join up with the two young strikers he has brought in on loan and we are still waiting to see start a game. It is not boys we want in this team, Hignett, it is men. Experienced professionals who know the lower leagues and have a bit of backbone. Someone like David Mirfin at Scunthorpe and John-Jo O'Toole in our midfield with a bit of backbone and who won't fold when the pressure is on.

The squad we have at the moment is far too big in numbers and too little in quality. Surely players like Richards, Nearney , Harrison, Featherlite, Walker, Green, Smith, Oates and Woods can be moved out in January so we can bring in some real footballers. Although our chairman has given Hignett a vote of confidence it will be interesting to see, when the gates drop and the fans finally show their disapproval, how he reacts. If the unimaginable happened and we went out of the FA Cup on Sunday would that make Hignett's position untenable?

It is all well and good giving a rookie a chance as a manager but how long do you give them when they are out of their depth. Two managers looking for a job, both Scots, are Steve Evans and Billy Davies. I am sure either of these could get a tune out of the present staff. Another Scot, Gary Caldwell, who has just lost his job at Wigan, knows how to get promotion from League One.

And one out of left field is yet another Scot, John Hughes. He was never given a chance in his first spell with no budget and the CEO refusing to meet or speak to him. He has shown he can manage in Scotland, and who knows what he could do here on a level playing field.