Danger - Be Warned!!

GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY feels the pressure

DANGER – BE WARNED!! Recent results have put Pools in a not too healthy position. As of now, Pools lie in 20th position – one point off the second relegation spot. That is occupied by Orient who, of course, beat is 3-1 in our last home game. I have a hunch that Orient will climb out of this position leaving Pools more vulnerable. 

As I’ve suggested, scoring goals has not been a problem, despite the moans and groans on social networks. However, the injury to Nathan Thomas might put this in danger. Defensively, we have the problems. Injuries, suspensions and international call-ups have added to the pressure.

All too often teams counter attack and we are left hoping that Trevor Carson can pull a rabbit out of the hat. The fact that we haven’t won a home game so far this season says something. Let’s hope that we can do it against Stamford. Good job we’re not on live TV – we wouldn’t want a repeat of the Blyth Spartans match.

Already, the critics are hovering around calling for Craig Hignett to be sacked. I can’t see what good this can do. Any incoming manager will still have the same squad of players to deal with and the new loan regulations don’t make things any easier. Injuries will always cause Pools problems and we’ve had our fair share this season.
"Defensively, we have the problems. Injuries, suspensions and international call-ups have added to the pressure."

In terms of our off field activities, Pools can be proud of its support for the armed services. The auction of shirts bearing the poppy provides much needed support for the Royal British Legion and, of course, there’s the concession to serving members of the Armed Forces. To their credit, the Football Associations of England, Scotland and Wales have attempted to mark Armistice Day with shirts bearing a poppy symbol. But they have been thwarted by those clowns in FIFA who brand the poppy symbol as “political”. What a load of crap. Its about time the Football Asociations showed some bottle and told FIFA to get lost. So they might get fined – no worry, the cheque's in the post they might say.

Just recently, both the FA and FIFA have shown just how badly they are run; in addition, there’s been the bad publicity surrounding West Ham. But it's times like Armistice Day that the fans have their say – and how dignified they are in marking the occasion with a two-minute silence before games. Long may this continue. It shows the true nature of supporters – decent honourable people. Which is something you can’t say about people running the game at all levels. As for FIFA, they may be presiding over the decline of the World Cup. The Champions League is where the money is and this is what the game is all about these days. However, its now reported that viewing figures for Sky are on the decrease. As I’ve said: Danger – Be warned!