Any Other Business


Did any readers see or even take part in Question Time from Hartlepool on October 21st? One who did take part was Poolie Bernadette Malcolmson, who left the Ukip speaker speechless at the end of the programme, and another was H'Angus, who also put in a great performance in a trailer for the programme:

For those among our readers who aren't Ritchiephobes, here's a good article about his whole career:

Finally in this centenary month, here's a picture that sums up Hartlepool's First World War.
An unidentified Zeppelin flies above a German battlecruiser. Not just any battlecruiser but the Seydlitz, one of the three which bombarded Hartlepool. She subsequently survived through the whole war despite taking 22 hits during the Battle of Jutland and led the defeated German fleet to their final resting place of Scapa Flow.