Things are Definitely Improving

WAGGA MOON tells it like he sees it

Things are definitely improving at The Vic but one home win in five months is a worrying statistic. Although Craig Hignett appears to believe the root cause of inability to see a game out is some crap referees we are getting, the shortage of goals would seem to be a more plausible explanation.

This is a bit of a conundrum as this season we have more strikers on the books than for the last ten years. However if you take two strikers, Tom Heardman and Bradley Fewster, on loan from higher division clubs and give them about ten minutes playing time in a month we are not going to find out whether they can do the job. And it is likely to piss off their parent clubs seeing them warming the bench week after week.
"why sign them if we don't want to play them"

If these clubs are good enough to lend us young players we should be playing them. Certainly before William Paynter whose game now revolves around falling down, getting up and having a go at the ref which is very annoying to the Pools fans and the ref himself. Of our other strikers Padraig Amond runs around a lot but is not a natural goal scorer. Louis Allessandra had a decent scoring record before coming to Pools but has done nothing while he has been here. Rhys Oates has been shipped out to Gateshead despite never having a run in the team as a central striker, his preferred position. Lewis Orrell hits a hat-trick for the reserves but still hasn't had a look-in.

That leaves Nathan Thomas, and what else can you say about him? Quite simply the most exciting player Pools have had for the last 30 years. Fewster did well at York on loan last season scoring a few goals for them whilst Heardman is something different to what we already have with his size and movement, and why sign them if we don't want to play them. It is like going back in time when Tubby Turner would regularly make loan signings and leave them on the bench.

Still that's enough on Tubby, I am getting a headache just typing his name. He would never have made a manager even if he was put in charge of Man United with a £900m. budget. Our opponents on Saturday, Grimsby, have a big striker Omar Bogle who was playing non-League last year, and so far has eight goals this season. So the strikers are out there and they are certainly not missing Amond. I expect Toto Nsiala to shine against the Mariners as he is going to be a top centre back in a few years time. I look forward to him pairing up with Rob Jones as they could become one of the division's best pairings. We look to have found a real player in Liam Donnelly, who has played with distinction at right-back, left-back and centre-back. I think he could do a good job in central midfield as well and would step in for Featherlite's suspension with no problem. Apparently signed on chief scout Tommy Miller's recommendation, we look forward to a few more like him coming along.

Finally I must come back to Scott Harrison. Apart from an award to Hignett for the most baffling decision of the decade to give him another contract. He has had a quicker than expected chance thanks to Toto's suspension and Sick Note Bates taking the longest time known to man for being out with a bruise to his foot. And did Scotty make the most of his chance? I am afraid not. Absolute garbage, and a sending off to boot. Although whether his second yellow at Home Park was for kicking the ball away or being unable to control the ball due to having the first touch of a rapist is anybody's guess.