Any Other Business


Well, as has been said by more than one person of late, the 'green shoots of recovery' are certainly visible. 

The demolition of Grimsby must have give the team confidence, even if some of that was taken away by Sunderland in the Joke Trophy game. Let's hope those green shoots grow and burst into bloom next spring.

The Big Sam incident just showed how people can lose touch with reality the higher they rise above the real (i.e. ordinary) world where people may have no money but know what is right and wrong, and what is fair or unfair. 

Just like MPs who fiddle their expenses, and billionaires and companies who pay no tax, once they cease to be an 'ordinary' person, it seems that many lose their moral compass and can justify almost anything. While very few of us would advise our employer's clients on how they can get away with breaking the company's rules, there are those who don't appear to worry about such things.

And since those who are in a position to do something about it aren't in the real world either, there's not much chance of anything changing soon.

While Pools are gradually improving, Boro and Newcastle have swapped divisions (and it's looking as if they could do so again), the one spark of consistency can be seen at the Stadium of Light, where the Mackems are once again struggling in 20th place, or bottom in ordinary parlance.

David Moyes' days are surely numbered in what is possibly his last Premier-level job anyway. He reminds us of Brian Little, who, after starting his managerial career at Darlo (when they were a league club), had early success with Leicester, moving to Aston Villa, but then his jobs became progressively more lowly until he disappeared. A quick search showed that he is now the Jersey manager, which we would hope doesn't mean that he guards the pullovers being used as goalposts.

With four red cards in a few weeks, this has not been a good time for Pools to be losing people, particularly with injury-prone defenders to worry about.

At least it has in part enabled Higgy to shuffle the players about and get closer to a first choice team, so perhaps it's been a blessing in disguise. How else would Liam Donnelly have been able to show he can play in so many positions?