Time to Deliver

WAGGA MOON gives his take on Pools' start to the season

ALTHOUGH Craig Hignett will blame the centre half he signed in the summer for the loss of two points against Newport County, comfortably the worst team to visit The Vic in the last ten years, his record makes poor reading. 

One win in the last 10 games is worse than Ronnie Moore, now happily back in employment in the National League, and yet Hignett is seemingly getting an easy ride. His failure to address a weak midfield from last season is doing him no favours with Michael Woods and Featherlite clearly not up to the task in the same zone. Little Nicky couldn't tackle his Sunday dinner.

We are crying out for an Enforcer type player in there who can tackle and has a nasty streak but he goes out and signs two centre backs when we have four already. Rob Jones, Matty Bates, Toto Nsiala and Josh Nearney should be enough with Carl Magnay able to help out there if needed. The Scott Harrison signing was a strange one. Deemed not good enough last May, and deservedly so. Come August after playing no more League games he is worth another contract. Bizarre!
"the fans would rather see an improvement on the pitch, say a home victory, than stuff going on behind the scene"

The Liam Donnelly signing is a different kettle of fish. Although he plays centre back he looks like he could be really useful in midfield. Maybe what we are looking for, or Josh Laurent who has hardly had a sniff this season but is mobile and likes a tackle and is not afraid to go beyond the halfway line like one or two I could mention.

Before last Saturday's game Hignett was saying in the Press that he wanted four goals. Well he got that in the game but unfortunately only two for his own team. And we have the Chairman on Periscope telling us of all the good things he is doing at the ground, with the new turnstiles, upgraded dressing rooms and corporate facilities. All well and good but the fans would rather see an improvement on the pitch, say a home victory, than stuff going on behind the scene and he is discussing pushing for promotion. He must be deluded to think that can happen without paying out cash for players and looking a bit higher than the non League for players.

I am sure how chief scout Tommy Miller could give him a list of players as long as his arm that are available but we need to see some of the TV cash from last season invested. Speculate to accumulate as the say. Season tickets are way down on last season as they are not cheap for some of the rubbish on display. And the £20 on the day price in a town with so much unemployment is way over the top.

The crowds are not too bad at the moment but a few more poor home results and the bad weather coming I can see them regularly drop below 3,000. And finally a bit of good advice to our beloved manager. Slow down a bit in your car and we hear you talk the talk. Now let's see you walk the walk!