Fair Start for Pools' Season

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY at the ex-Vic

Pools 1 Colchester 1 (League 2) Saturday August 6th 2016

First game of the season at the “VIC” as it will be called, not the new sponsored name of Northern Gas and Power Stadium, which I might add is open to abuse if ever the lights go out or the gas goes off or even if the football goes off - it could be renamed the Flatulent Battery Stadium. Ok I should not take the mickey out of our new sponsors so early in the season. 

It seems like Pools and Colchester have been opponents throughout our history, neither of us making big waves in the game but both surviving when you look at some of the names of the past that did not survive. I was going to say Darlo but you should never kick a dog when it is down.

The first good omen today was Pools winning the toss and kicking up the bank the first half. I am of the opinion that Pools need that lift in the second half and it should be compulsory that the home team gets the choice. So many match days have been spoilt by having to watch us battle to save a game from a distance, especially with my eyes not being what they were. I suppose I could move down the Millhouse or even join the cucumber sandwich brigade, who retire to the comfort of the CK stand, but you get a better class of supporter in the Prostate Cancer End and at least you can stand up.

Today’s opponents, Colchester, came down last season and not being the football historian (the resident one, the Ditchburn Poolie, was lacking in knowledge today - even the official for the game only got a “He has been here before"). Colchester were a big set of lads and the only one who I knew was the no. 9, Porter, who apparently we tried to sign sometime ago. Porter and co set about us from the off and could have been three up in the first four minutes but luckily for us it was only one. Which was a bit unfair as we had hardly touched the ball and we were a goal down. Our two centre backs combined to gift them a goal, a slack back pass from Toto left Jones charging in to put the ball out for a corner, which found a man open who hit it past Carson. They will never score an easier goal.
"you get a better class of supporter in the Prostate Cancer End"

The visitors controlled the game for a spell after the goal and made it difficult for us to break out. When we did most of our threat was through the very pacey Thomas who really looks the part going forward. Pools new look team started to play some decent football and it delivered the goods in the form of a penalty when Thomas on a run played in by the very impressive Alessandra was tripped in the box - even though I was at the other end I saw the trip and the ref agreed with me. Paynter stepped up and made it all square.

Pools stepped up their game and looked more like the home team as they set about the visitors who were coasting after their early goal. Thomas sent in a cross but sadly Amond, who looks a good signing, was open in the box and managed to put his effort over the stand.

The second half saw Pools pegged back again early on but once again Thomas was trying to make the breaks, pushing Pools forward. Alessandra and Amond linked up well with the winger and the visitors were now making the mistakes and shooting wide of the target. It was an even second half after an early surge by the visitors but the new look Pools held their ground and made some good chances, which bodes well for the future.

Alessandra, Thomas and Laurent all chanced their arms against the visitors' goal which, when you look at it, is a great improvement on the shot-shy Pools of last season. Carson played well and was very vocal to organise the defenders, Paynter led the side from a deeper position, Toto apart from one mistake played some wonderful cross field balls out of defence. All in all a workman like “TEAM” performance with a star man display from Thomas.