Any Other Business


Well, it's been a mixed bag from Pools so far. An improvement generally on last season, but with the signs showing that things could go either way - getting better or getting worse. As ever, we'll just have to wait and see. 

The new replacement for the Johnstone's Paint Trophy got under way with Pools travelling to Notts County. We've seen some changes in English football over the years but this one has to be the most bizarre. The golden goal and free kicks being advanced for dissent were all changes that came and went, but surely they all had more logic than this cup competition. And with many top clubs ignoring it and most lower-league clubs hating it (they, after all were the ones its predecessor was set up for), it would seem that it will be a disaster.

But, with Pools playing the likes of Sunderland's youngsters, it could be that Pools fans will boycott it but the Vic may still see larger gates than watched the old Paintpot matches, if enough fans of the bigger clubs are inspired to travel down the road to see how their youngsters perform against league opposition. As said above, we'll just have to wait and see on this too, although the first week of matches produced some fairly dismal attendances.

Wallace and Gromit, co-founder (or should that be co-founders?) of Monkey Business, sent us this article by Dr. Phil Peverley, from the August edition of 'Pulse', the medical magazine mainly for GPs. As he mentions in the article, Dr. Phil used to be Pools' club doctor, and W&G also tells us that he also used to be a contributor to Monkey Business, where no doubt he honed his writing skills!

So Pools brought in two forward players on half-season loans and everyone was taking that as evidence that Nathan Thomas was on his way to better things. But the transfer window closed with him still at Pools, which is good news for Pools, and probably for Nathan too.