Match reports by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 0 Scunny 1

A good test for a full side Pools today as Scunny, who look a very good side, settled first and made some good openings against Pools early in the half. 

Carroll and Magnay were having a torrid time against some fast and clever play from the visitors. Jones did well but took a sneaky elbow to the ribs from Bishop early in the second half and was later hauled off. 

Once again the goals just would not come for Pools. Paynter had a chance in the first half, getting to a ball at the far post, but the official claimed he used his arm to control the ball. 

The second half we looked a better side with Thomas causing havoc. Allessandra looks a lively player so too does Deverdic. There was a class move in the second half which looks like Higgy is getting them to try stuff in training. Thomas, Allessandra and Woods lined up to take a free kick on the edge of the box and, as Thomas signalled his team mates to go long, a clever quick ball was played into him and he was very unlucky, hitting the side netting with his shot. 

We did pressure them a bit more in the second half but the closest we came was a great shot from Carroll which hit the bar. Not a lot to write home about. 

Seaham Red Star 1 Pools 1

Rhys Oates hits his penalty high over the bar as Frank Reid waits to provide him with a permanent record of it
As the other Pools team were thrashing Guisborough 6-0, I watched a drab game at Seaham where an inspired Red Star keeper kept a powder puff Hartlepool at bay with a fine display of goalkeeping. Whereas Bartlett at the other end had one low shot to palm into the net. It was a good goal though.

It was a fractious team with a lot of finger pointing and bad language and some mediocre performances but it was only a friendly after all. Connor Smith was probably the biggest threat for Pools, Deverdic and Jones were probably the runners up.Young Blackford looks lively but light weight, Oates hit a penalty high into the trees behind the goal. We managed a late goal scored by Harrison, but it was the kind of game that seems to last for about two hours.