1966 and All That

BILL THE BIRO found this in the local paper

I was quite surprised last week to see in a local newspaper a full-page spread about an acquaintance of mine. It was in connection with last week's 50th anniversary of England winning the World Cup.  I would never have guessed that Vaughan, whom I've known for years, but not well enough to have ever chatted about football, had much interest in the game. Yet there he was, with his brother, telling the tale of how they went to Wembley and saw the famous victory, with its Hurst hat-trick, Russian linesman and all, even if only those of us watching on telly heard Kenneth Wolstenholme's immortal words 'They think it's all over - It is now!'

So Vaughan and his brother got a full-page spread with then-and-now pictures, and an article about that big day when they were teenagers.

Those of us who were at Cardiff will maybe have some sense of what it must have been like, but without the victory, which is really the important bit!

Here's the article:

As local journalists are usually only about 23 years old, most wouldn't know that the England manager who won the World Cup before their parents were born was actually called Alf, not Al, but we'll let that pass!

Article is from the Stratford Observer of July 29th 2016