Pools' New Finnish Link

BILL THE BIRO uses his language skills

The recent announcement of a tie-up between Pools and Finnish club Lahti appeared on Lahti's website, so those who can speak Finnish can verify what it says here:  http://www.fclahti.fi/uutiset/2016/01/12/fc-lahdelle-yhteistyokanava-englantiin.
But for the rest of us the Google Translate version will have to do:

FC Lahti Cooperation channel to England Figure Tomi Honkanen, Toni Korkeakunnaksen and Mika Halttunen presentation of the FA Cup 3rd Round match Hartlepool United, Derby County at halftime.

FC Lahti and English Hartlepool United have developed during the winter-oriented player, the exchange practice of cooperation. 

Tomi Honkanen, head coach Toni Korkeakunnaksen, President of Mika Halttunen delegation visited last weekend in Hartlepool agreed by the operational objectives. The cooperation aims at exploiting Finnish and English League periods of time diversity so that the lahtelaispelaajilla have the opportunity to practice and play during the winter months in England and Hartlepool respectively players in Lahti during the summer months. - FC Lahti build a network in cooperation with caution and in such a way that it corresponds to the needs of different areas of activity. 

Domestic network to build the future, Joonas Kolkka-operation the development of junior path, Fluminense cooperation is an important part of the representation of the team's competitiveness and now Hartlepool brings us the opportunity to switch to a suitable fitted the profile of players in sides opposed loans, a different competition from many years by utilizing, explains Managing Director Tomi Honkanen the development of the club's co-operation patterns.

So there you have it, in black and white - the lahtelaispelaajilla will be coming to Pools during the winter months, and presumably the Poolielaispelaajilla will be going the other way during the summer months. They'd probably prefer somewhere a bit more southern, though!

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